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Shoppers Drug Mart Officially Launches Personalized Nutrition Counselling In Ontario

Ontario Shoppers Drug Marts will now offer personalized nutrition coaching delivered online to customers by registered dietitians.
Shoppers Drug Mart Officially Launches Personalized Nutrition Counselling In Ontario

Research suggests that nearly forty percent of all Canadians still find it challenging to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy eating behaviours.  The good news?  Eating well has never been easier, now that Shoppers Drug Mart has announced that customers will benefit from personalized and convenient online nutrition counselling.

Shoppers Drug Mart's online nutrition counselling will be delivered by their very own in-house registered dietitians, and will support customers in their wellness journey. Ontarians are able to connect with a Shoppers Drug Mart registered dietitian through video or telephone counselling from anywhere in the province.

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"Not all Ontarians have easy access to dietitian services," explained Emily Campbell, a Registered Dietitian for Shoppers Drug Mart. "With this new service, all you need is a mobile device, or a computer and you can have one-on-one personalized nutrition counselling from a registered dietitian to help you meet your health and nutrition goals through developing sustainable habits."

Via Shoppers Drug Mart

Via Shoppers Drug Mart

The Shoppers Drug Mart online nutrition service consists of:

  • A preliminary intake nutrition consultation, which includes a 60-minute personalized comprehensive nutrition assessment of your eating habits and the formulation of a customized nutrition plan
  • Follow-up nutrition consultations to assist patients to remain on track and learn practical plans of action to overcome barriers

Consultations are now available through a phone call or video call on a computer or mobile device between 12 p.m. and 8 p.m. EST, Monday through Thursday, excluding holidays.

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"Our goal is to make personalized nutrition counselling convenient for residents of Ontario," said Theresa Firestone, Senior Vice President, Health and Wellness Services. "Our online nutrition service provides the same expert counselling you receive in-store but from a location and time that is convenient for you."

Shoppers Drug Mart's new online nutrition counselling services prove that making healthier food choices doesn't have to be challenging or confusing. Many insurance plans cover the cost of dietitian services. To learn more about this service and book an initial consultation, visit

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