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Simu Liu & Jeremy Lin Have The Most Epic Toronto Bromance

These two have been through it all together.
Toronto Staff Writer
Simu Liu & Jeremy Lin Have The Most Epic Toronto Bromance

Simu Liu and Jeremy Lin are biffles and they're not afraid to show it. As was proven when Liu showed up for Lin on Monday after the basketball player got real about his personal struggles during the NBA free agency season this year. What most people don't know is that Simu Liu and Jeremy Lin actually go way back, and their friendship is adorable.

It was evident in his heartfelt defense of Lin's talent that the actor really cares about him, but just how far back does their friendship go? Well, lucky for you we did some digging and here’s what we found out!

According to Liu’s Instagram, the two first met during an interview that the Canadian Chinese Youth Athletic Association set up.

In the post, Liu gushed about the Linsanity-era. He talked about what a privilege it was to meet someone who had inspired him so much. “I watched every single game, and it gave me hope that against all odds, underestimated by the world, I could succeed as an actor,” wrote Liu.

The two appeared together again a short time after their first meeting post-game at the Scotiabank Arena:

Liu would later send Lin a very touching shout out after it was announced that he would be playing for the Toronto Raptors following a trade back February:

And then Liu started buying courtside tickets to the games just to see his friend play:

The two even celebrated together when the Raptors pulled off the impossible nabbing a spot in the NBA Finals:

It seems from their friendship grew so much that they also started to dress like one another:

And babysitting together:

In a touching moment that really solidifies their bond as something special, Lin invited Liu to be part of his Raptors victory parade entourage:

So, as you can probably tell, the two have been on one heck of a journey together. When they first met, Liu was known for his role on 'Kim’s Convenience', but he wasn’t nearly as famous Lin. Now you could almost argue that Liu is in his own Linsanity era. The Canadian actor recently booked the starring role in Marvel’s 'Shang-Chi The Legend of the Ten Rings'. 

No matter where Lin's NBA career and Liu's Hollywood gigs take them, it's clear that they'll always be tight! 

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