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Police Investigate Video Of Skateboarders Taking Over The Gardiner Expressway (VIDEO)

They cruise down the middle of the highway as cars approach.

It seems that some residents are taking advantage of Toronto's empty highways. Police are currently investigating after a video of a group of skateboarders on the Gardiner Expressway surfaced online. Three people can be seen skating downhill on one of the off-ramps while cars approach from behind them on the highway. Narcity reached out to Toronto Police Sergeant Jason Kraft, who confirmed that "Toronto Police are actively investigating the video at this time." However, he said he could not comment on the identities of the three individuals or if they had been able to find any suspects. He did confirm that the incident captured on camera is "both dangerous and illegal," and that people should not be taking advantage of empty roadways in this way, at any time. Although the highway has been emptier than usual, there are still plenty of approaching headlights visible in the video.The skaters continue to ride in live traffic lanes until they finally veer off to the side as cars get closer in the last few seconds of the video.  

The fine for pedestrians on the highway is $110, according to Toronto Police.


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“Skateboards are treated as toys so anybody on a skateboard is treated as a pedestrian. There are no pedestrians or people allowed on the highways, the 400 series highways, at all. It is completely against the law. It's about a $110 fine,” Const. David Hopkins told CP24.

The video was reposted on TikTok and has since gained over 1,000 likes. 

As emptier roads continue to be spotted across the usually bustling city, many residents have started to take advantage of them.Stunt driving figures have gone up since the lockdown as people improperly use roads. 

In fact, stunt driving in Toronto has gone up by 550% in April. 

Just last month, a Toronto police chase occurred after a driver was spotted doing multiple donuts in the popular Yonge and Dundas intersection.