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Skydiver Who Parachuted Through Downtown Toronto Could Face Prison Time

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... a parachutist?

A sighting of a parachutist landing in the middle of Toronto's downtown core left onlookers scratching their heads in confusion on Saturday. It was very much a "You definitely don't see that every day," kind of moment. Toronto police were called to a park in the Rosedale Valley Road and Sherbourne Street area on May 4th after Twitter user Erica Lewin posted a video of a skydiver parachuting in Toronto on Twitter.

Toronto Police Const. Allison Douglas-Cook informed CTV News that since parachuting is prohibited within city limits,  the person could potentially face up to 5 years in prison if he or she is charged with public mischief.  She also explained that police are aiming to "deter this kind of behaviour."

"Within the city limits, there’s a lot of possibilities of where this person could land and the harm they can cause to themselves or someone else," she commented.

The video was accompanied by the caption "But can someone explain to me why I just saw people parachuting into downtown Toronto?"  She claimed to have witnessed two parachutes gliding over 21 stories above Toronto's busy city streets. 

Initially, police believed the parachutist was "in distress" due to an unopened parachute, but reports have now circulated that the parachutist is believed to be uninjured.  Despite police efforts to investigate the area, they were unable to discover any evidence of the landing, nor have they been able to locate the person responsible for the incident.

The president of the Parachute School of Toronto, Adam Mabee, claims that parachuting in the city is "probably more common than most people would think."  He explained to CTV Toronto, "Usually it’s done very quietly and out of sight.  Sometimes people do see it like this, but I think most of them happen without many witnesses."

According to Toronto Police, this is the third parachuting incident that has been reported in the city so far this year.