Move over *insert burrito place here**, there's a new jefe (Spanish for a book) in town.

Smoke's Poutine has announced that they will be launching a...Burritorie

Yes, everyone's favourite drunk food location just took our Saturday night post-Hoxton munch to a whole new level. Dare I say, poutine burritos?

The grand opening at Duncan and Adelaide is this upcoming Monday, September 14th, and in celebration the Burritorie will selling their Mexican meal for...wait for it...


There is literally NOTHING you can buy for one dollar in Toronto. NOTHING. Can you ride the street car for one dollar? Nope. Can you buy a coffee for one dollar? Nope.

Can you buy a burrito from Burritorie for one dollar? HECK YES.

What's even better is that all proceeds from the $1 wraps will go towards The Donkey Sanctuary, a 100-acre sanctuary for neglected donkeys located in Guelph, Ontario. Make Eeyore proud and have a burrito!