Photo cred - National Post

Nothing is better than chocolate. Absolutely nothing. So if you could find new ways to ingest it, why wouldn't you? That's the logic that has inspired a Vancouver candy store to start including snortable chocolate to its collection of goodies, and its taken off.

What's it like, you might ask? Apparently, if you're not a regular snorter (lol), it hurts a bit at first, but then for the next few hours, everything will smell like chocolate. You can even choose the specific flavour you want your world to smell like, be it chocolate and ginger, or chocolate and watermelon.

This epic idea came from Germany, where they really know their chocolate, and now that its made it onto the shores of Canada, it shouldn't be too hard to bring it a little further east. I long for the day when snortable chocolate is something you can grab at your local Sugar Mountain. Isn't that what all this is about?

Watch this video of the creator himself showing you how its done.


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