As Toronto enters another week of lockdown, it seems that some residents still aren't getting the hint. Over the weekend, clusters of people were spotted ignoring social distancing rules in Toronto. Photos appeared on social media showing some residents gathering at parks and in parking lots. 

On Sunday, the City put out an update on COVID-19 enforcement issues. According to the release, 311 received 149 complaints on Saturday about people failing to distance themselves from others in public.Twenty-eight tickets were given out on Saturday, but there have been 533 tickets issued since April 3, according to a news release. Bylaw officers have also been putting in work to inform people about public health measures.

City data shows that enforcement officers have spoken to 11,487 people in city parks about the closures.

Despite the City's hard work, social media posts have shown people enjoying themselves outside in groups.

While residents are still allowed to walk through parks across the city, hanging out with people who are not in the same household as you is subject to a fine if you are less than two metres apart. 

"Very disappointed in my fellow Torontonians... This is NOT how you flatten the curve," wrote one Twitter user in response to a group of people out near the lakeshore this weekend. 

Another user also noted that Trinity Bellwoods was "packed" over the weekend. "Easily 1000-2000 people are in Trinity Bellwoods and triple that at the lake," wrote the user. 

It was recently reported that Trinity Bellwoods is the most problematic park for social distancing issues, along with Bluffer's Park and Palace Pier. 

However, it seems that the issue is not only seen in parks but all over the city. 

Even an LA Fitness parking lot had groups gathering throughout the weekend. 

A protest at Queen's Park also took place this weekend as dozens of protestors showed up to demand that the City and province reopened.

Multiple protestors were caught ignoring social distancing rules.