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Giant Cement Blocks Will Be Used To Enforce Social Distancing Rules In Toronto

They will block entry to parking lots and prohibited spaces.
Social Distancing Rules In Toronto Will Be Enforced With Giant Cement Blocks

Toronto mayor John Tory has openly expressed his frustration at those who are ignoring social distancing rules in Toronto. Even though the city has tightened physical distancing guidelines, Toronto parks have still been filling up. Now, the mayor is saying that they will be resorting to installing giant concrete blocks to keep people out of public spaces.A similar method was used on a Toronto dispensary last summer when cinder blocks were used to deter people from entering the building.  Now, it looks like these blocks will be used to stop city residents from entering public parks and spaces after footage online has shown people ignoring the new regulations. 680 News reporter Carl Hanstke posted a video recently of police tape that had been torn down to gain entry into a local park. CP24 anchor Stephanie Smyth also posted a picture of a full parking lot at Sunnyside Beach yesterday, April 1. 

However, many of these public places have been shut down in the city in attempts to limit the spread of COVID-19. In an interview with CP24, John Tory said that he believes people should be fined "a $750 minimum ticket" for not taking physical distancing seriously.The city is also considering putting parking enforcement officers on patrol in parking lots to discourage people from using them.

“All those people at North Toronto Collegiate Institute that climbed over the fence just to jog, they should be given a ticket, a $750 minimum ticket," Tory told CP24.

"I am at the point now where I just can’t let this kind of behaviour continue when I have been told very clearly by professional health experts that these kind of things taken as a whole are putting lives at stake.” 

Tory hasn't yet detailed exactly when we can expect to see cinder blocks piling up in Toronto, but they will be used to block the parking lot entrance at Sunnyside Beach. 

They will also be used to block off other locations that have been popular gathering places during the shutdown. 

The move comes after Tory announced on Wednesday that the city of Toronto should prepare for another three months of being shut down. 

"These actions are unprecedented but we are facing an unprecedented threat," said Tory.

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