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5 Things To Get For Your Boyfriend's Man Cave That Will Make His Friends Love You

The key essentials to be comfortable in style.

The fall season is finally here and that means two things: Hockey & hibernation! As sad as it is to see the warm weather go, escaping to some comfy basement, attic, garage or garden shed is one of the best ways to relax and hopefully forget how cold it really is out there. Yes, the Man Cave is a sacred place, meant for drinks with the boys, yelling at referees through the TV screen, and late night shenanigans of all kinds, free from judgment and consequence. But to truly feel at home, here are a few essentials to turn your man cave into your man castle.

1. Some sweet recliners.

Apart from lying in a bed, sitting in a comfy-ass massage chair is the best way to relax, and that's why you're in your man cave in the first place, isn't it? After a long day, or to cheer on your favourite team, kicking back and enjoying a good massage is the best way to relieve some tension and find your happy place.


2. A fully-automated beer fridge.

Every man cave should needs to have a beer fridge, because ain't no one got time to go all the way to the kitchen! Well how about a fully-automated one? The BUD-e Fridge gives you alerts telling you when the game has started, when a goal is scored and even when your beer has been cooled to the ideal temperature (which is -3 degrees by the way - 5 degrees colder than a regular fridge!)

Plus, the BUD-e Fridge also keeps you updated on how many beers you have left, and where the closest store is for a refill. Now that's a smart fridge! And now for a limited time, get 2 pint glasses as a free bonus when you buy your BUD-e Fridge.

3. A selection of gaming consoles.

Nothing beats a good old fashioned competition with your buddies on NHL ‘16, but a fully-equipped home theater to play it on is definitely just a little bit better. Immerse yourself in the play with a big screen Smart TV that you hook up your PS4, Nintendo or Atari (didn’t you hear? Retro’s in style). Combine all this with a beauty sound system that will make you feel like your actually in the action. With your sweet recliner and cold beers nearby, you're now in the driver's seat – and hopefully kicking your buddies butt in Gran Turisimo.

4. Maple Leafs neon sign.

Nothing completes the perfect man cave like team pride. A glowing Maple Leaf neon sign hanging on the wall truly is the sacred seal for your layer and the perfect reminder of your team loyalty. It might not win them any cups (please let this be the year), but with memorabilia all around, at least fan support won't be a problem.

5. A baller pool table.

When you're not watching the big game, the gentleman's games room should include classic table games. Some healthy competition is great way to catch up with buddies and earn some bragging rights. Make your pool game a little more interesting by throwing in a little twist – be it a table that lets you play pool on water or a table that disappears below ground when you’re done playing. And don’t forget to add in a little friendly drinking game where you drink with every goal/pocket. Remember...