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Someone Found A Plastic Bag Filled With $10,000 Cash In Toronto's Kensington Market (PHOTO)

A Toronto Reddit user shared photos of a massive wad of cash that he found in a plastic bag downtown.
Someone Found A Plastic Bag Filled With $10,000 Cash In Toronto's Kensington Market (PHOTO)

With so much violent crime in the news lately, it's nice to finally hear that someone actually stumbled into good fortune in the city.

A Toronto man claims he was walking in the downtown Kensington Market area when he came across a plastic shopping bag tied to a post. He opened it and found a wad of $10,000 CAD, in $20, $50 and $100 bills. 

Via YouShouldStopThis, Reddit

He posted a photo of his newfound riches on Toronto's Reddit forum early this morning, under the username "YouShouldStopThis." The post has since flooded with over 240 comments from users speculating about the source of the cash.

Of the curious commenters, the majority believes that the bag of cash has to be drug money. Some Reddit users wonder if the money has something to do with the shooting in Kensington Market on Saturday night

Via Stefan Malloch

But, others refute the theory, arguing that the money "looks too clean and neat" to be drug-related. It also seems highly unlikely that a drug dealer would drop such a massive amount of cash in a public place, "where drug deals are already rampant." 

"Here's my theory," one user writes, "Someone was going to use this cash to pay for good or service, lost it and someone found it, thought it was drug money and hung it up on the pole." 

"The logical explanation here is that this would have been the end of day deposit from a retail operation in the area that some hapless store or hotel manager lost on the way to the bank,"  another user claims, "Chances are some other honest person found it on the street and tied it to the post to let someone else decide what to do with it." 

Via Stefan Malloch

One thing everyone seems to agree on is that posting the cash on a public forum was a very stupid thing to do. 

Shortly after uploading the post, "YouShouldStopThis" claimed he already turned the cash into police. "Damn, you’re probably going to get someone in a lot of sh*t since you f*cked up their drug deal or whatever," one user replied. But he didn't seem worried, claiming that the cash drop location was "terrible" in the first place.

But, one user who claims to be a lawyer says that if the cash remains unclaimed for a certain period of time, he will be contacted by police and the property will legally become his. We doubt that nobody will come forward to claim the cash, but there's hope!

It must've taken a lot of willpower, but he did the right thing. 

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