The Toronto Police just received a very generous - bu anonymous offer - from a corporate donor this week.

An anonymous donor expressed concern for the lives and safety of the Toronto police dogs, and offered to buy 18 armoured vests for the canines, which are worth about $1,240 a piece, meaning this donation is worth $22,000! 

The anonymous good samaritan made the offer this week, which Toronto Police are now considering the offer. 

Not sure what there is to "consider" here, but Toronto Police will be discussing the matter Thursday and making their decision, which we're hoping is a solid 'YES' in favour of protecting the brave canines. 

It's somewhat unbelievable to hear that Toronto Police dogs are not already equipped with armoured vests, like most K-9 dogs are in U.S. cities. 

Sgt. James Hung of the Toronto Police said, "I am very grateful and I am very thankful that someone thought that the protection and care of our dogs is a priority."

There are currently 33 canines on the Toronto Police services, all of which are trained to wear collars and harnesses. Each vest weighs about three pounds, so the added weight of the vests could be a potential issue.

But most officers feel the benefits of the vests outweigh the "weight" of the vests themselves. Sgt. Hung says the vests would offer a "layer of protection from knife-wielding suspects, any sharp implements."

Hung also noted that even while the police dogs are searching a field or ravine, they are often subjected to sharp objects, stumps or twigs which the vests would offer protection from, keeping their vital organs safe from harm. 

Source: CBC, Indie 88