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There Are Multiple Reports Of Dogs Being Poisoned On Purpose At This Toronto Park

Mysterious poison pellets have been found at this local park.
There Are Multiple Reports Of Dogs Being Poisoned On Purpose At This Toronto Park

It looks as if pet owners are going to have to be more vigilant than usual when it comes to taking their four-legged pals out for their daily walks, thanks to the latest news from the Toronto police. 

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On Saturday, the Toronto Police posted a tweet about an ongoing investigation involving Stanley Park South. According to the tweet, they have received numerous calls claiming that poisoned pellets have been found around the park. Many callers assume the intention of the planted pellets is to harm curious household pets while on walks with their owners. 

ANIMAL POISONING INVESTIGATION:Stanley Park South-Many calls about someone leaving poison pellets-Officers have searched the park-No poison found-No reports of any pets injured-Anyone with info may to make a report#GO2022926^dh

November 3, 2018

While the Police tweet claims that there has been no report of any pets injured as a result, Torotonians have since replied to the initial tweet both on Twitter and Reddit claiming that there have been several circumstances involving the pellets: 

Queen West Vets confirmed they had three dogs at their clinic from ingesting the poison. Doesn’t seem like you’ve done much investigating.

November 4, 2018

Via Reddit

Stanley Park South is located right in the heart of downtown Toronto, near King St. West and Strachan Avenue just north of Garrison Common:

Via Google Maps

Clearly, with the investigation still in progress and there being a visible disconnect between what locals and the police are claiming, you may want to avoid walking your dog at Stanley Park South. Right now, it's the only park being mentioned as affected. Then again, until the situation is resolved, it may be a good idea to keep your dog on a leash if you usually let them roam free.

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