Southern Ontario In For Messy Commute Tomorrow Amid Threat Of Freezing Rain And Wet Snow

The Weather Network warns of freezing rain and wet snow for most of Southern Ontario.
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Southern Ontario In For Messy Commute Tomorrow Amid Threat Of Freezing Rain And Wet Snow

Spring weather seems to be taking its sweet time to arrive in Southern Ontario as snow, wind, and freezing rain keep hitting us. Just when we thought we reached the end of the wintery weather, another round of freezing rain is about to hit us.  The Weather Network has confirmed that Southern Ontario will be hit by rain, freezing rain, and wet snow throughout Friday morning, making for a messy morning commute. 

The Weather Network warns that as the strong winds that we were facing yesterday start to die down throughout today, a low-pressure front will start to move into the area that will bring a variety of winter-like precipitation. So as we say goodbye to those annoying strong winds, we are just welcoming in another messy storm system. 

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Precipitation can be expected throughout Thursdaynight and into Friday morning throughout most of Southern Ontario. This precipitation is expected to start off as wet snow and freezing rain throughout Friday morning, especially for those who are just north of the Greater Toronto Area. 

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Icy conditions and messy commutesare expected for those who will be travelling on Highway 400, 6 and 10. The Weather Network warns commuters to give themselves extra time for travel as delays may occur due to the slippery weather. 

However, as a warm front starts to move through, the freezing rain and wet snow are expected to turn into rain showers for Friday afternoon and temperatures are expected to rise above zero. 

Despite the gloomy conditions that are expected tomorrow, Southern Ontario can look forward to an amazing spring weekend. Temperatures are expected to reach double digits on Saturday throughout most of southern Ontario as well as Sunday. 

So while you may be staying indoorsmost of Friday, be sure to get out this weekend and enjoy the rare sunshine that Ontario has been getting this Spring. 

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The Weather Network warns that these awful roller coaster temperatures are expected to occur throughout the next coming weeks and there is "no sustained warmth in sight,". 

Source: The Weather Network 

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor