If you thought the week of terrible winter weather was over, think again. Southern Ontario is in for even more deep freezes and they're expected to last until the middle of March. Meteorologists are also anticipated that February's weather will pretty much be an exact repeat of what we've just been hit with. 

The weather in Southern Ontario has been very confusing this month. We started off with rain and for the first week, temperatures were well above freezing. About two weeks in, the temperature began to drop and by the third weekend in January, we were getting hit with a triple threat of winter weather

Now in this last week of January, we have been hit with record-breaking snowfalls, and while that has been a major inconvenience what's really dangerous right now is the extreme cold. In fact, there is currently an extreme cold warning in place for most of Southern Ontario as the wind chill could bring the temperature down to -35°C. 

Now, we can expect February and even the first half of March to be exactly the same. That means more deep freezes are headed our way at the end of next month, and that any hopes of an early spring are gone. 

Of course, in following the pattern, before the deep freezes set in, the temperature has to be weirdly warm for a bit.

Just like how January began with a week of warm temperatures and rain, the first few days of February will also see the temperatures rise above freezing. There may even be some rain in the forecast too. 

The Weather Network's Meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham says, "colder than normal temperatures will once again dominate starting in mid-February and continuing through the first two weeks of March" in Ontario.  

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The warm-up is expected to start tomorrow. While it's not going to be above 0°C yet, the temperatures will begin climbing to around -15°C tomorrow before the real thaw comes on Saturday. 

That's when temperatures will gradually rise to only -1°C. Then on Sunday, it will get even warmer with temperatures sitting right at 0°C in the morning, getting up to 3°C by the afternoon. That's when we can expect to see a mix of rain and snow as well. 

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The Weather Network warns that while this brief period of warm weather will give you some false hope, the frigid temperatures are still on their way in. Once that cold does arrive, it's going to stick around for a while.