Ontarians have been holding onto hope that the province will soon be blessed with summer-like temperatures and the rain will finally start to subside. However, the latest weather report is in, and it looks like Southern Ontario can expect to have a cold and wet June this year. The Weather Network is warning us that Ontario's June weather will be expected to hit the "cool side of seasonal" throughout the month.  

If you were hoping for hot summer temperatures to greet you on June 1, you might want to prepare yourself for some disappointment. The Weather Network warns that the first weekend of June is calling for rain both on Saturday and Sunday. In Toronto, 2-4 mm of rain is expected on Sunday while up to 10mm of rain is expected on Sunday. 

The first weekend of June also brings a risk of thunderstorms in certain areas of Southern Ontario, including Toronto and Niagra. The Weather Network states that there will be some rain-free periods on Saturday, so if you have any weekend plans outdoors, make sure to check the hourly forecast in your area to ensure that you enjoy the rain-free periods as much as possible. 

Throughout the first week of June, rain is expected to continue throughout Southern Ontario. The Weather Networks 14 day forecast for Toronto showcases rain throughout Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and Wednesday and Thursday of next week.

Temperatures are also expected to stay cool throughout the first week of June, and the GTA will only see temperatures that go up to high teens and low twenties throughout the day. 

Unfortunately, it's not just the first week of June that these low temperatures can be expected. According to the Weather Network, southern Ontario will continue the battle between hot and cold next month as temperatures are expected to stay on the 'cool side of seasonal' throughout the month. 

To make matters even worse, the end of May is also going to end on a soggy note. Thunderstorm warnings are in effect for the majority of Southern Ontario, including Toronto, that will bring heavy rain and strong gusting winds with them. 

If there is any good news in all of this, Friday, May 31 is expected to bring some sun, with temperatures reaching the high teens, but even then showers could be expected throughout the day.