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Spontaneous Fall Road Trips Less Than 1 Hour Away From Hamilton

Don’t get me wrong; airplanes are a lot more time efficient and all, but there’s something about road trips that really pull me in. It’s probably something due to the fact that I’ve actually never been the driver behind the wheel (kudos to Dad for driving that 24 hour stretch to Florida growing up), but it’s also because of the music, the time spent squished in the car, and the excitement that grew with every hour that went by.

While long road trips are just as fun as short ones, we sometimes only have a day to spend in our destination. Blissfully nestled between Toronto and Niagara Falls, Hamilton is surrounded by fun and exciting cities that are hella close by. So if you don’t have time (or money) or far-and-wide road trips, listed below are exciting destinations to visit this fall that are less than an away away from Hamilton.

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Check Out The Royal Botanical Gardens In Burlington

Distance from Hamilton: 11 minutes

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11 minutes is pretty much a “quick run to the store” for those living in the countryside of Binbrook, so there’s no excuse as to why you won’t be visiting the Royal Botanical Gardens this fall. Nestled at the tip of Burlington, you can most likely catch an event there or just go on and explore the beautiful gardens yourself.


Tour The Forty Creek Distillery In Grimsby

Distance from Hamilton: 24 minutes

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One of Canada’s best whisky brands, the distillery for Forty Creek is located only half an hour from Hamilton in the town of Grimsby. Tours of the distillery are offered year-round, with a tasting room and sample bar also available at the venue.


Play Glow In The Dark Mini-Golf In Oakville

Distance from Hamilton: 29 minutes

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Mini-golf is always fun, but glow in the dark mini-golf is fun on another level. Set in a black-light and 18-hole course surrounded by themes of the jungle and outer space, the Putting Edge course in Oakville can be enjoyed even when the weather turns cold and crisp.


Check Out The Mississauga Playdium

Distance from Hamilton: 31 minutes

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Located in Mississauga, this huge indoor playdium is scattered with over 200 video games, rides, and simulators. In addition to that, there’s also mini-golf and a section for go-karting, so, you know, I’m sure you’ll find something fun to do there.


Bathe In Beer At The Grand Wellness Centre In Brantford

Distance from Hamilton: 32 minutes

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There’s not much better than beer and a bath, but a bath in beer? That sounds like something I could totally get down with. Fortunately enough, at the Grand Wellness Centre in Brantford, you are able to book a signature healing “ale”ments salt scrub, body brew wrap, and a relaxing beer soak.


Dine On The Balcony Of Stillwaters Plate And Pour In Paris

Distance from Hamilton: 35 minutes

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Not exactly the ultimate Paris balcony experience where you can dine near the Eiffel Tower, but honestly, this one comes pretty damn close. At Stillwaters Plate and Pour, a beautiful patio restaurant in Paris, Ontario, you are able to capture incredible views of the town while eating their delicious Canadian cuisine.


Experience Indoor Parachuting In Oakville

Distance from Hamilton: 35 minutes

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Sometimes we don’t always have the courage (or funds) to go skydiving for real, but at iFLY Toronto, an indoor parachuting park in Oakville, you can participate in the ultimate semi skydiving experience. Made possible with a circular and 14-foot flight chamber, you are able to feel the free-falling aspect of skydiving.


Visit The Featherstone Estate Winery

Distance from Hamilton: 37 minutes

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Owned and operated by an epic married duo, the Featherstone Estate Winery was established in 1999 and is unmistakable in their passion towards food and wine. A fun and casual experience, a tour at Featherstone also offers samples of three wines in their tasting room.


Check Out The Donkey Sanctuary In Puslinch

Distance from Hamilton: 39 minutes

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Yes, there is indeed a refugee for donkeys less than an hour from Hamilton. Located in Puslinch, a neighbourhood within Guelph, the donkey sanctuary allows people to meet the adorable animals and learn more about their day-to-day lives. The sanctuary is open on Sundays during September and October.


Visit The BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir In Toronto

Distance from Hamilton: 44 minutes

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I still can’t believe that a place like this exists so close to where we live. Located in the Toronto district of Etobicoke, the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir is a stunning Hindu place of worship that was built by the BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha. Seriously, this beautiful mandir is something you have to see for yourself.


Plan A Stay At Oakwood Escape

Distance from Hamilton: 44 minutes

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Who wants to go camping when you have glamping?! Located in the town of Dunville, this epic glamping site is only 45 minutes from Hamilton that offers basically the same kind of amenities and comfort that you would expect at a luxury hotel.


Spend An Afternoon At The Fantasy Fair

Distance from Hamilton: 44 minutes

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For most Canadians, we only get to experience autumn for only a moment before the cold winter returns. That means a lot of outdoor activities are put on hold, but at Fantasy Fair, an indoor amusement park in Mississauga, we can experience their attractions all year-round.


Visit The Langdon Hall Country House

Distance from Hamilton: 49 minutes

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The Langdon Hall Country House is a beautiful venue in Cambridge. Also a hotel and spa, you can swim in their magical outdoor pool until the Thanksgiving weekend.


Get Into Some Zombie Paintball At Bingemans

Distance from Hamilton: 51 minutes

Via Bingemans Screampark

Via Bingemans Screampark

Via Bingemans Screampark

Paintball is always fun, but imagine playing paintball with ZOMBIES?! No, this isn’t an episode of The Walking Dead. But it should be.


Spend The Day At Clifton Hill

Distance from Hamilton: 52 minutes

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Clifton Hill is scattered with endless attractions and restaurants, and it just so happens for the citizens of Hamilton that it’s less than an hour away. Located one block from the Niagara Horseshoe Falls, Clifton Hill includes fun activities such as their Movieland Wax Museum, Dinosaur Adventure Golf, and Nightmares Fear Factory.


Lose Some Money At The Fallsview Casino

Distance from Hamilton: 53 minutes

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Fallsview Casino is just as fun as their commercials, and it’s only about an hour drive from the Hammer. Surrounded by awesome restaurants and slot machines, a day spent at the casino will most likely cost you - but at least the memories will be priceless!


Visit The Fear Farm

Distance from Hamilton: 54 minutes

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You’ve definitely heard about this one. Fear Farm has been gaining a lot of buzz recently - and for good reason! Only an hour from Hamilton, this place is something to add to your fall bucket list.


Spend A Day At The Warner Ranch and Pumpkin Farm

Distance from Hamilton: 54 minutes

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There’s a lot of pumpkin patches to discover in Southern Ontario, but perhaps one of the nicest ones is at Warner Ranch and Pumpkin Farm. Along with a petting zoo, Belgian drawn wagon rides, and a corn maze, a day spent at Warner Ranch is definitely worth the hour drive.


Check Out The Toronto Chocolate Festival

Distance from Toronto: 57 minutes

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From October 1 through October 30, you spend a weekend visiting the OMNI King Edward Hotel for chocolate high tea during the Toronto Chocolate Festival. The event will include only the best chocolates and pastries.


Go On A Hike In Caledon

Distance from Hamilton: 58 minutes

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I actually recently drove through Caledon on my way to Blue Mountain the other week, and honestly, if our car were to break down and we had to camp out on the road, it’d probably be just as nice as our Airbnb. Surrounded by various walking trails and the beginning of beautiful fall colours, a hike in Caledon is definitely worth road tripping for.


Grab Some Coffee At Maman

Distance from Hamilton: 59 minutes

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I once traveled to Toronto just because I craved this specific sushi place that I always go to, and it was honestly one of the best decisions of my life. Both delicious and aesthetically pleasing, the Maman Cafe in Toronto is totally worth road tripping for.


Attend The Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest

Distance from Hamilton: 1 hour

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Toronto is credited for organizing some of the biggest events in Ontario, but it’s Kitchener-Waterloo that reigns as the kings and queens of Oktoberfest. With an attendance of around 700,000 people a year, the Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest is a nine-day festival that is hailed as the second-largest Oktoberfest in the world (behind Germany, of course).


Explore The Queitness Of Elora

Distance from Hamilton: 1 hour

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The Elora Gorge is one of those places that is so beautiful you can enjoy it during anytime of year, but the vibrant colours that surround the area in the fall is pretty breathtaking.


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