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Spontaneous Fall Road Trips Less Than 1 Hour Away From Toronto

If you haven't gone on any road trips yet this summer, don't lose your chance because fall is probably one of the best temperatures to take roadies. The weather is brisk, the leaves are changing and falling, you enjoy pampering and festivities a lot more... what better way to manifest the season change than to take unique day trips to cool spots around the GTA? 

The best part is that these picturesque destinations are only one hour away from Toronto. Sometimes it's just nice to step out of the city for a day or two, without dramatically booking a flight to like, Prague. You know? 

Treat Yo Self At The Millcroft Inn & Spa

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Location: Caledon, OntarioDistance from Toronto: 45min

Pamper your troubles away at the vintage hotel called Millcroft Inn & Spa, a beautiful and award-winning wellness resort that features 17 state-of-the-art treatment spaces. They also have 11 private rooms, 3 hydrotherapy rooms, indoor and outdoor baths and an excellent gym. Around this time of year and for only $70, you can get access to the spa's gorgeous hot spring so you can unwind and hang loose all day long.

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Experience Yoga With Goats

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Location: Newtonville, OntarioDistance from Toronto: 1 hour

If you haven't already experienced goat yoga, what better way to introduce yourself to this trendy outdoor activity than doing it during the festive weather change? Goat yoga has been so hyped lately and for $30, you can sign up for an adorable goat yoga class at Haute Goat.

Most people underestimate or overlook the cuteness of baby goats. They are absolutely adorable. If you're into it, you can join the haute Goat Shmurgle, where you can play around with and cuddle Nigerian dwarf goats! They are adorable as hell.

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Hangout With Animals At African Lion Safari

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Location: Cambridge, OntarioDistance from Toronto: 50 minutes

If you're fan of the exciting charm associated with roadtrips, you'll love this one. At African Lion Safari, you can go on a wild ride through Canada's original safari experience. This is the only animal park in Canada where you can get up close n' personal with actual rhinos, giraffes, deer, lions, baboons, zebras and other playful sorts of monkeys. They also offer this fun experience called Wake Up The Wild, which is a pretty neat morning trip where you can drive off-road and feed giraffes by hand. It kind of reminds me of the Canadian version of Giraffe Manor.

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Hike At Dundas Peak And Watch The Sunset 

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Location: Hamilton, OntarioDistance from Toronto: 1 hour

Dundas Peak is definitely a popular hiking spot in Toronto around this time of year, but it is so popular because it is truly so beautiful. The Dundas Peak hiking trail leads you through lush forests with beautiful foliage and two waterfalls (Webster's Falls & Tew Falls). This trail is definitely at its most visually appealing during the beautiful fall season, as you are offered panoramic views of beautiful Hamilton from their lookout point at the top of the peak.

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Tour A Castle And Feel Boujee

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Location: Hamilton, OntarioDistance from Toronto: 50 minutes

At Dundurn Castle in Hamilton, you can spend a gorgeous afternoon touring the grand, neoclassical mansion built in 1830. This architecturally-admired location is not only a great photo spot, but it will make you feel like you're touring Europe! Dundurn Castle is not only a 40-room giantic mansion, but it is also home to the beautiful Kitchen Garden and The Hamilton Military Museum nearby.

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Drink Wine At Jordan Village

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Location: Niagara, OntarioDistance from Toronto: 50 minutes

Jordan Village is nestled in Niagara's popular wine country and it is a small community that looks like a scene from a old-school film. At Jordan Village, be sure to admire the quaint and eclectic shopping boutiques, stunning historic sites, exciting festivities and night life and the swoon-worthy restaurants. Also it's nestled right in the heart of Niagara, so getting tipsy at various wineries is a must.

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Take In The Views At Scarborough Bluffs

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Location: General Toronto Area Distance from Toronto: 30 minutes

This gorgeous spot offers picturesque, complex and fun hiking trails around beautiful blue waters. The hike at the Bluffs will take you to the top of a very high cliff, giving you beautiful views of the sparkling blue lake water and vast skies. The Bluffs start at the southern point of Victoria Park Avenue and continues west.

This park is full of secret trails, fire pits, picnic tables and beautiful nature scenery that draws everybody in, especially during fall! If you're looking to start off with impeccable views, trek to the top of the Bluffs to visit Scarborough Heights Park further west along the shore, or to Cudia Park and the lookout atop Cathedral Bluffs.

If you just want to relax, you can walk around the park and enjoy their stunning skyline by the rocks. If you walk further west along the shore, you will eventually hit a little peninsula that is called Bluffer's Sand Beach. At this cute beach area, you can pack a picnic and your Bose speakers and hangout at the base of the cliff. You can head here swiftly if you take Brimley Road.

In my opinion, it's a worthwhile day trip: nine parks lining the escarpment, one beach and tons of nature to explore, a day at the Bluffs is a guaranteed day well spent.

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Tour Around Port Perry

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Location: Port Perry, OntarioDistance from Toronto: 1 hour

Discover the historic and picturesque town of Port Perry. Port Perry is a town filled with old-town charm manifested in vintage shops, inns, cultural museums and an array of charming outdoor parks. You can visit their cute downtown area and grab a bite or coffee or head over to Palmer Park by their waterfront and enjoy the stunning views of Lake Scugog. Lots of people also fish at Lake Scugog, just make sure you have your fishing license!

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Snap Pics At The Devil’s Punchbowl

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Location: Hamilton, OntarioDistance from Toronto: 1 hour

If you are a hiker, you'll want to feast your eyes on the Devil's Punchbowl in Hamilton. At this spot, you'll discover two waterfalls at the Devil’s Punchbowl Conservation Area, the larger of the two falls is an actual 33-meter waterfall. The waterfall is covered with stacks of layered coloured stones, which makes for a pretty view. The hiking trail within the conservation also has a not-to-be-missed lookout point that gives a gorgeous view of the Hamilton Harbor!

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Plan A Getaway In Aberfoyle

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Location: Aberfoyle, OntarioDistance from Toronto: 1 hour

If you love to collect things, Aberfoyle is a fun day trip where you can antique-shop hop. Famous for its Antique Market, Aberfoyle is a great destination to stock up on one-of-a-kind stuff for your condo, while enjoying the old-town feel of the area. After shopping around at vintage spots and finding the best deals, you can unwind and grab a bite at the Aberfoyle Mill Restaurant (or any of their equally delicious restaurants) or check out their farmers' market for equally great local snacks.

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Go Horseback Riding At Little Creek Ranch 

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Location: Mono, OntarioDistance from Toronto: 1 hour

Who doesn't love horseback riding? This activity is 10x better with a fall backdrop, amiright? At Little Creek Ranch, you can take part in really festive fall activites like planting or harvesting the garden, apple/cherry/pear picking, harvest honey from their abudance of honeybee farms, campfires or go horseback riding! You can stay overnight at their cute B&B and enjoy a fun afternoon at this ranch with activities like High Tea, honeycomb tasting and watching a harvest. This ranch is the definition of outdoor autumn activities. Time to pack your bags!

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Go Ziplining In Elora

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Location: Elora, OntarioDistance from Toronto: 1 hour

Perched on the edge of a rushing gorge and settled next to the Grand & Irvine River is Elora, a town that looks like something straight out of Pride and Prejudice. Although it's a quaint town, they also offer very exciting outdoor activities that you can't find in downtown Toronto like ziplining, tree hopping (imagine how beautiful that would be with all the changing leaves), rock climbing, tubing and scenic hot air balloon rides!

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It's time to pack the car and plan an escape out of the city with your fam, BFF or significant other. Fall is probably the ideal time to plan a roadie because the weather isn't uncomfortably hot and the outdoor scenery is close to perfect. From old castles, nature parks to charming villages-- there is something for everyone!

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