13 Spots To Hit In Toronto To Meet Your Next Boyfriend

Don't need to go to a hopeless place to find love.
13 Spots To Hit In Toronto To Meet Your Next Boyfriend

We've been there. It's 5pm power hour and you and your squad roll up to Earls in the heart of the financial district. You sigh as you, once again, open Tinder and try and find yourself a significant other. But lets be real. You don't need that right now, you need someone to lay it straight for you. Dressing up and flipping your hair at one bar isn't gonna get you a guy. Unfortunately for us (us being rom-com loving, waiting on a cliche like meet cue people), that's just not how it goes anymore. How is it that the generation that lives on their phones, can't seem to even find love easily enough? We got people on the moon. That's literally out of this world, while we're still calling squatters on the bar seat on a Friday night.

But this isn't some sad, boohoo us post about love (you think a Beyonce fan like me would really do that? Please). One thing you can guarantee about anyone who lives in Toronto? They are probably (definitly) the best people around. Going beyond our fabulous looks (which we stay SUPER humble about ~woke up like this~), we're pretty interesting. We have such a diverse city which is amazing in so many ways, one of them being the variety of personalities and interests that we all have. You love cosplay? Your people are out there. Brunch your shit? People will gladly take a candid pic of you laughing at your red velvet pancakes.

You picking up what we're putting down? You next bae isn't going to suddenly pop up on your phone. There's spots to hit in Toronto where your person is waiting for you (they just don't know it until they see you walk into the bar like Tyra Banks, feat. wind blowing in your hair). But more importantly, these are the spots where you can go anytime to have a great time. Whether it's taking a class, or taking in the amazing craft beer selection, there's certain spots in Toronto where it's way easier to strike up a conversation and find your perfect ten. From bars to go where you can actually meet guys, to cool spots that let you mingle without it being creepy- we got you covered for the next spots to go to find the person to perfectly compliment your fabulous self.

1. Bar Hop Bar // 391 King St. West

The first place most people think of to go meet guys is usually a bar, but when we live in a city like Toronto with a million and one bars for your choosing you can't just settle for anything. Enter Bar Hop Bar. Standing out as one of the many bar's on King West for their seven page beer menu (feat. 36 craft brews on tap!) and upscale pub food, the ambitious and adventourous flock here for a great time. Translation? You can easily chat someone up about which craft beer you can try next, and the friendly ambience makes for a social atmosphere filled with millennials like you (ie. the greatest people in the world, yet very humble). Who knows? Maybe you'll meet someone who you can head to the Bar Hop Brew Co with to explore your love.....of beer obviously.

When to go: We would hit up this gem any day of the week, but it get's really busy with the usual weekend crowd if that's more your scene!

2. Friday Night Live @ The ROM // 100 Queens Park

When you think of a bumping party the first thing a lot of people don't think of is a museum. But this isn't just any Friday night at a museum, this is the ROM. And Friday night's here mean the already unbelievable museum being turned into a club with DJs, live entertainment, and a different theme every Friday to keep it interesting. Comment on some of the amazing works in the museum, tear it up on the dance floor, and go ~mingle~ with all the other people that you know are on your level cause their at this amazing event.

When to go: Friday (duh).

3. Toronto Sport and Social Club // Various Locations

Sporty and cute, who are we describing? YOU when you join a sports league what. is. up. This is a great way to meet people because not only are you being the next Ronaldo on the field, but you also get that mid game mingle/post game victory drink with your team mates. Check out all the different kinds of teams you can join at Toronto Sport and Social Club!

4. Bad Dog Theatre Company Drop In Improv Classes // 875 Bloor St. West

There's two things an improv class can almost guarantee; some ab workout type laugh attacks, and a huge group of hilarious out going people. But whether you're shy or not theoretically talented at all, why not try out a class? The worst that could happen is you pull a muscle from laughing too hard. The best part also is Bull Dog has a variety of drop in nights to choose from like French Language, People of Colour, Women & Trans, LGTBQ+, No Experience Necessary and so much more!

When to go:pick the class best fit for you and enjoy!

5. Bar Raval // 505 College St.

If you don't fall in love with the pure beauty of this College and Palmerston bar, you won't have a hard time finding someone else to marvel over in this 40 person parlour. From the outside it looks like a standard bar, but it's the gorgeous interior that really keeps bring your future bf back. That and the fact that the whole bar was based off the Raval neighbourhood in Barcelona, which made the owners create a cozy space intentionally to encourage socializing. Even better? You can socialize over the hand crafted tapas options while sipping from an extensive alcohol menu that will not disappoint.

6. Toronto School of Circus Arts Drop In Trapeze Nights // 75 Carl Hall Road, Unit 8

How did you guys meet? At a bar? NO! A f*cking flying trapeze class. That's right. Toronto School of Circus Arts has Drop In Trapeze nights that will literally send you soaring. Whether your working on your form, or making casual waiting to go on the trapeze talk (the usual), it's a great place to try something new AND meet your significant other.

When to go: Friday night!

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7. Choir!Choir!Choir!

The idea of singing your heart out solo may send you running, but what about belting out your favourite songs in a huge group of unreal people? Choir Choir Choir is a weekly drop-in event that meets at Clinton's Tavern and sings songs from artists like The Tragically Hip, The Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, Elvis Presley and more. High School Musical the 4th? Where's my Troy Bolton at?

When to go:Tuesday and Wednesday nights, pick your night or go to both.

8. Trivia Nights at the Drake Hotel // 1150 Queen St. West

The Drake Hotel is arguably one of the coolest hotel/bar/brunch/art galleries in the city. The more underrated side of this dynasty though? The niche events that are half pure fun and half meet cue waiting to happen. Live music, poetry slams, DJs, half priced wine nights and so many more opportunities for you to find something (and someone) you love.

When to go: Trivia Night every Wednesday!

9. Handlebar // 159 Augusta Ave.

What's a better way to meet people than to be physically confined together am I right! Okay stop talking freaking out I'm not talking about some weird small escape room, I'm talking about the unreal dive bar in Kensington, The Handle Bar. They host daily events that are sure to start conversation all with a hipster/cool vibe, craft beer, good mixed drinks (get the Dark and Stormy) and great bartenders. Some of the events include open mic nights, alternative bands, DJ's, specific meet ups like the one October 26th for technology and designers, and something we can only hope to attend called Straight Cash Homie.

When to go: Check out their events calendar to pick what you like best!

10. The Office Pub Karaoke Nights // 117 John St.

There's no better way to put yourself out there than to belt out a soft pop ballad in front of other people (or be one of those people that sips their cosmo listening to those ballads). Basically? Karaoke is a hilarious and easy way to meet new people. There's literally conversation starters with every new note from, "this song is unreal!", to "hey how ~groovy~ is this song?" (the latter line is only for seasoned pros or self proclaimed pop funk experts).

When to go: Friday night!

11. Cameron House // 408 Queen St. West

People usually bond over one of two things - loving the same thing, or hating it. We're going for the much happier and funnier former option for this round. The Cameron House hosts one of the most legendary comedy shows in the city. With a cool yet inviting atmosphere it sets the perfect stage for making some great conversation off "that last dudes joke with the beard about Chicken Wings" (can you tell I know high quality comedy?) Ah. Sounds like true love.

When to go: Monday at 8pm for Stand Up Comedy Night!

12. Rivoli // 332 Queen St. West

"Wait, I thought you can't meet any guys at bars?!" Enter Rivoli, part bar/restaurant, part live music venue, part pool house and the rest is filled with exactly what you'd expect from a bar on Queen and Spadina. From live music, killer DJS, social burlesque shows, collaboration jam sessions (in french too!), and just about EVERYTHING else - this is THE place to be if your sick of a "typical" bar experience. Aka, you trying to flirt with a guy from across a room by making "casual/cool/fun" eye contact.

When to go: Check out their events page for all their different happenings and pick your favourite!

13. Trinity Bellwoods Park // 790 Queen St. W

No, I'm not saying you should just go to the park sit by a tree and wait for your true love to emerge. You'd be sitting for awhile, and probably get a little cold. GO TO THE DOG PARK! Trinity Bellwoods is a beautiful park with an off leash area for your dog, and while you're standing and watching your ball of fur chase a tennis ball (that you throw towards that hot man standing by the tree) you have the chance to meet some likeminded animal lovers. Because really, what's a better conversation starter than "hey got a poop bag?" Comical and flirty!!!

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