The teen victim of sexual assault case at St. Michael's College school will be filing a $1.65 million lawsuit that will be heard by a judge starting November 4. The lawsuit will be filed against not only his attackers but also against the school, coaches, the board and administration, as well as the Basilian Fathers who run the school. The teen, who is unnamed, says that the school staff knew about the incidents that had taken place and did nothing about them.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

Court documents say that the victim is now suffering from anxiety, depression, severe emotional trauma and insomnia, CTV News reports.  In a court statement, the teen's father has said that it is “difficult to describe the immense amount of pain, suffering, embarrassment, and humiliation” that his family has endured because of the incident that happened last fall. Seven teens have been charged so far since the police opened an investigation in November of last year. Three former students pleaded guilty this month to one count of sexual assault with a weapon as well as one count of assault with a weapon. One of them pleaded guilty to making child pornography, CP24 reports.

Two others had their charges "concluded", although it has not been released as to what the conclusions were.  

The victim, who was a member of the school football team, was in grade 9 when the attacks happened. The first one took place in September 2018, when he was jumped in the locker room, pinned down by his teammates, and beaten with a broomstick after having his pants pulled down. The second incident happened in October. He was jumped again by the same group of boys who again pulled down his pants and then sexually assaulted him with a broom handle. Both incidents were caught on camera and shared throughout the school. 

The second video of the sexual assault was deleted at the teen's request, CP24 reports.The victim said that he was bullied and taunted that he "loves broom" after the attacks. CP24 has reported that a music track was also made about it and was shared on social media. The principal and president of the school both resigned following the controversy, according to the Globe and Mail. They will be targeted in the lawsuit along with the others. The athletic director and football coaches remain on staff.They have also reinstated the footbal team

“It is already challenging for a 15-year-old to navigate the typical emotional and social hurdles of teenage life. However, the path for [our son] has been excruciatingly difficult over the past year and the toll of what happened during his time at St. Michael’s cannot be overstated,” said his father in a court affidavit, according to the Globe and Mail. Trial dates for those facing charges are set for the spring.

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