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We Tried Toronto's New Sneaker Customization Studio (VIDEO)

Create some hype sneaks for your feet!
Stackt Market Store Let's You Create Custom Sneakers

You don't have to be a hardcore sneakerhead to appreciate a fine pair of kicks. From Nike to Adidas, and even Reebok - we love our sneakers! So much so that they've even made their way into high-fashion with some costing in the thousands of dollars! But who's got that kind of cash? Good thing you can now customize your own kicks at this Toronto sneaker customization studio in the Stackt Market for a fraction of the cost.

Tagging along with our host Jessica, we discovered that all you really need, to have hype sneaks on your feet, is a little creativity.

Located in Toronto's Stackt Market, Mack House is a self-serve sneaker customization studio that allows you to pimp your favourite pair of shoes any way you like. Paints, fabrics, laces - everything you need to add your personal flair including some pros to guide you.

Not only is this a unique activity to do in the city, but you get to leave wearing a truly personalized pair of sneakers you won't find anywhere else!

WHAT: Customize your own kicks at Mack House Inc.

WHERE: Stackt Market, 28 Bathurst St Unit 4-103, Toronto, ON

WHY: Create a truly personalized pair of kicks that will really impress your friends!

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