Photo cred - Thomas Dagg

Every child has imagined a world where aspects of their favourite film or show existed in reality. Many of us imagined a Toronto with Pokemon running amok, or a city where super-powered teenagers regularly saved everyone, or a metropolis fueled by magic. Thomas Dagg envisioned a Toronto fused with the world of Star Wars, and now, as an adult, as made his childhood fiction a reality.

Dagg, in his photo series titled "star wars" the Toronto-based photographer offers us "a glimpse back into [his] mind at eight years old" when he, like many of us, superimposed an imginary world onto the real one. In much the same way, Dagg has created photographic images that literally place Star Wars characters and vehicls onto the streets of Toronto.

Much more artistic than you'd think, Dagg's Star Wars photos aren't just a fanboy mashup of scenes from the movie with Toronto landmarks. Dagg's work has much more of an artistic aesthetic than the title would suggest, and all the inclusion of Star Wars characters are quite subtle. See if you can even spot Vader and carbonite Han.

Check out Thomas Dagg's photo series "star wars" below and check out more of his work at his official website.

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