Canada's First Starbucks Pick-Up-Only Store Finally Opens In Toronto Today

Only the second in the world!
Starbucks Pick-Up Store In Toronto Is Here To Give The 6ix A Taste Of The Future

Have you ever ended up in a race against time on your commute after stopping for coffee and getting delayed? Well, mobile ordering your morning Starbucks has just got a little bit easier in the 6ix. The first Canadian Starbucks pick-up store in Toronto is opening up on Tuesday, February 4 with the aim of eliminating those waiting lines.

The city's Commerce Court in the financial district will host the first-of-its-kind Canadian location, which is designed for customers who simply want to order their drinks and go.

The physical store will have no seating, and the way the process will work is pretty easy, according to the corporation.

First, customers will place their orders on the mobile app before heading to the store, which will be listed as "Pickup —Commerce Court."

Customers who choose that location will get a notification once their order is ready. When they arrive, they'll find digital display boards listing the orders in progress.

As a Starbucks rep told Narcity, this means that in theory, "there will be no 'wait time'," as you'll know exactly when to pick up your beverages.

So, the plan is that there'll be no lounging around here. It's a grab-and-go type of establishment, perfect for the busy working Torontonian.

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The storefront will be the first of its kind in Canada and only the second such location across the globe, after the Penn Station venue in New York.

Instead of traditional chain stores, where mobile order is an option, these stores only work for those pre-orders.

So, if you expect to simply get going and place a quick order with a barista, you'll have to download the company's app first.

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Forbes conducted a review of the original location in N.Y. The assessment writes that it steers away from the typical sit-down, hangout locations customers have grown used to.

Despite being different than a usual Starbucks location, though, you'll still have the same menu options for drinks and food. That includes the new dairy-free substitutes recently introduced in Canada.

The downtown store will be open from Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., according to CTV News.

At the moment, Starbucks tells Narcity there are no specific plans for any future locations in Canada. 

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