A Toronto Man Quit His Job At Starbucks By Singing The Most Hilarious Song (VIDEO)

We asked the guy why he did it.
Starbucks' Quit Song Was The Most Hilarious Way To Leave Your Job (VIDEO)

Have you ever been frustrated at work but couldn't do anything about it? You might want to find some inspiration from Anesti Danelis of Toronto, who recently quit his job at Starbucks in the funniest way, by singing them a goodbye song. The Starbucks quit song made headlines after it was posted online, and it's everything you need to see today. Narcity reached out to Danelis to talk more about the song and to ask him about the moment of truth. Danelis, who is also a comedian, told us that he had been working at that Starbucks in Toronto's west-end for three to four years before deciding it was time to go. "I was having a bad day at work about a month ago and I got on my bike to go home," he told Narcity."As I was riding home, I just made the song up in my mind and thought to myself, I should just go in there, sing the song and quit." It only took him a few minutes to come up with the masterpiece that has now become a viral sensation. 

At first, it was just an idea, but fast forward a month, and he actually did it.The video has since been shared on Reddit, Instagram, and has even made headlines. It's been viewed over 350,000 times on 6ixbuzz alone. In case you haven't seen the masterpiece yet, Danelis can be seen standing in a Starbucks, singing the lines "F*** this I quit," drawing attention from the guests around him. 

"I was nervous at first," he remembers."But as soon as I was doing it and seeing my coworkers having a good time... and also the customers there, everybody was in a very good mood," he recounts of the experience. "I didn't want to make it too negative... it was more so for people to enjoy and have a good time."That mission was definitely accomplished, judging by everyone's huge smiles as the past Starbucks employee said goodbye to his former workplace.

He's now got another job which he says is very flexible with his comedy job. "I do a lot of shows in Toronto, so it's nice to have more free time for that. I released a comedy album recently. It's called Songs For A New World Order, and it's a bunch of comedy songs just like the one in the video."It looks like life after quitting his job is going great so far. 

We asked him if he ended up going to his last few shifts at work. "No, I didn't," he laughed. "There's no way I was going to go back after that song." We salute him for his creativity and for making everyone in Toronto laugh at the eternal job struggle.

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