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The Struggle Of A Communications Major

"So, like what can you even do with that?"
The Struggle Of A Communications Major

The struggles of every communications major starts from the very beginning. 

Growing up through school, you are fed images of doctors, lawyers, and teachers alike; which is fine if you’re into one of those three options. However, as shocking as it may be, not everyone wants to be in a cookie cutter profession (no offense to all you smarties!). Some of us don't particularly love analyzing the meaning behind 1984, memorizing policy, and we don't feel like math equations are just like a game of Sudoku.

If you're like me, you quite possibly discovered your true calling after falling in love with TV shows like Gossip Girl or Scandal. After watching them you realized you can be Serena Van Der Woodsen working for a top PR company or you can be Olivia Pope running the show with your insane publicity skills. Then commenced your search for a university program that was right for you in conjunction with the never ending questions about your future.

What programs are you applying for?

This is the first question that starts the years of explaining yourself. You answer with the truth: Communications, mostly. You see your first glimpse of the same look you will be receiving for the next four years at the very least. Judgment. You are often pressured to choose something “more specific”. You are told that you won’t be able to get a job out of school. You may be asked if you want to take a year off to “figure things out”. Thank you guidance counsellor pressuring me to major in English, but I think I have things figured out.

 Then the biggest, most frustrating question of them all arises:

So like what can you even do with that?

Well let me just give you an idea:

Public relations, event planning, sales, writing, editing, internal communications, publicity, broadcasting, advertising, human resources, private investigator, production assistant, promotional specialist, motivational speaker, journalist, recruiter, media buyer, media critic, market researcher, media account executive, information analyst, communication consultant, communication statistician, property manager, copywriter, consulting analyst, sports publicist, public affairs director, paralegal, sports announcer, sports marketer, speechwriter, student services director, human rights officer, instructional designer, web designer, tour name a few.

Yes, communications can be a very broad program, but when you've completed first year and realized all of the possibilities, you can tailor it to be exactly what you want. Ignore those that question your intelligence. Communications programs have been described as preparing students for jobs that do not yet exist. I'd take that over the terrifying surplus of teacher's college graduates having trouble finding work any day.  In a consumer's world that is rapidly becoming more digital by the day, you have nothing to be ashamed of choosing a communications program that will make your possibilities endless!

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