Being in a live-in relationship is work, no matter your situation. But when you're a couple of broke 20-somethings and your home is a studio apartment in the Annex, it becomes even more stressful. Between the lack of personal space and the need to constantly communicate your every move, here are some of the issues young lovers find themselves facing in their tiny new homes.

1. You always have too much food

Your fridge is overflowing because neither of you can be bothered to coordinate grocery trips. One shelf is devoted to vegetables you picked up from Kensington Market, another is purely meat from Loblaws, and the crisper is overflowing with random junk food you both randomly picked up from convenience stores around town.

2. You'll spend a lot of money at Dark Horse

When you're sharing a tiny, cramped living space, finding alone time to get work done is rare. So you'll find yourself spending all of your money at various cafes in your area, until the baristas start to remember your order

3. You find yourself drinking on weeknights

You haven't seen anyone other than your girlfriend for 4 days straight, so when a friend invites you to grab drinks at Futures at 4 in the afternoon on a Wednesday, you're there.

4. You keep having to make epic trips to IKEA

Do you know how long it takes to get to the IKEA in Etobicoke? Ages. And you have to keep heading back there because you both keep forgetting things you need to buy for your new place.

5. One of you is always forgetting their keys

Going out on the weekend becomes a drag. One of you will decide they've had enough Green Room for the night and head home early. The other will stumble back at 4am, realize they don't have their keys because they thought you'd be coming home together, and call you 6 times until you wake up and open the door for them.

6. Coordinating bed times

If one of you works earlier than the other, and wants to go to bed earlier, should the other have to go to bed too? No, that would be unfair, but the light from your boyfriend's computer lighting up the room as you try to sleep is also unfair.

7. Every time you think you're sick of each other, it turns out you're wrong

You look forward to one of you leaving town for a couple of days so the other can finally have the place to themselves, but when your partner is gone, the apartment feels empty and quiet, and you just wish they'd come back home.

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