As trees are getting Instagram ready, and sweatpants are being unearthed, the air tastes like joy and cinnamon. And though we don’t really want to admit it, fall tastes quite nice after Toronto’s apocalyptic-hot summer.

Someone hand me anything comfy! I want fleece, denim, and all things comfort. I also have the completely normal urge to go apple picking all-day, every-day. And last time I was at some fairytale farm in King City, they were gearing up for an event.

Turns out the event was presented by SUBWAY and the Turkey Farmers of Canada. Yaas (did I say it right?) Subway! Paired up with our domestic farmers! And are they ever. Subway is introducing the ultimate comfort food on October 11th.

Get this: thick-cut, oven roasted turkey, with none of the artificial colour, flavour, or preservative BS... Just 100% Canadian turkey goodness. That’s right Monica Geller, there is a new sandwich in town. That’s right, Ross Geller, no need to have a mental breakdown. But "moist makers" are so 90s, it’s all about this new cranberry mustard sauce from Subway.


But why did Subway launch their Carved Turkey at an apple orchard? One- because adorable, and two- because of the new apple pie cookie! And they've not only added the perfect dessert to the menu, but two yummy flavours of IZZE sparkling juice, made with... you guessed it...  100% real fruit juice! No added sugar, no preservatives and no caffeine, so you can enjoy your entire meal guilt-free.

Carved Turkey is available in a sub, in a club, or (sorry Dr. Seuss) on a salad. And just like our appreciation for cooler weather, Subway’s thick-cut carved turkey and apple pie cookie are only here for a limited time. So #FallForCarvedTurkey.

Check out Subway's Facebook Page for more details!