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How This Canadian Cat Became An Instagram Celebrity With 1.4 Million Followers

Suki the Adventure Cat is Canada's new Insta-famous feline.
How This Canadian Cat Became An Instagram Celebrity With 1.4 Million Followers

Photos of cats have been a staple of internet culture since the internet was invented. However, not all felines possess the star quality that it takes to amass 1.4 million followers on Instagram, but Suki does. An Alberta-based Bengal cat known as Suki the Adventure Cat, or @sukiicat on Instagram, has taken the 'gram by storm recently. Her Insta-fame is likely the envy of aspiring social media stars everywhere.

So, how did Suki become so popular? Well, just look at her - she’s adorable. Also, it probably doesn’t hurt that her owners happen to be talented photographers who know how to curate stunning photos of their adventures. Both Suki and her humans live in Alberta, Canada and they began leash-training Suki when she was just three months old.

Suki's "cat-mom" Martina Gutfreund also has her own popular Instagram account called enchanted.forest which features hundreds of breathtaking photos of landscapes you wouldn't believe are real. Narcity spoke with Martina Gutfreund about Suki's rise to Insta-fame.

What inspired you to start an Instagram account for Suki?

Martina Gutfreund: When my partner and I first got Suki, I started posting kitten photos of her on my photography page. This is my work page (@enchanted.forest) so it mostly had landscape/ travel based photos and a fairly large following, to begin with (around 400k at the time). But when I started posting Suki's photos they would get like 4-5x the amount of attention compared to my other photos, so I realized that I should probably separate my work stuff from this ridiculously adorable kitten. Maybe I was also a little embarrassed about the fact that Suki was way more interesting than my other photography. Once I made Suki her own page it honestly just blew up, and my passion for photographing that little troublemaker grew like wildfire. When we got Suki we wanted a kitty that we didn't have to leave behind all the time for work trips since most of our photography jobs are around the province and require 2-4 days away from home on a regular basis. Taking her with us on our travels was always the plan - the whole Instagram thing was a surprise!

How many adventures have you guys been on together?

Martina Gutfreund: Countless. We try to go on trips to the mountains every 2 weeks from spring to fall, and suki goes on walks near the house on a regular basis. We do plan bigger trips outside of Alberta about twice a year - the biggest one being a 2-month road trip through Europe. Suki had so much fun on that one and really got to enjoy being outdoors more than usual. During winter we rarely travel since it is so cold where we live and Suki hates any temperature below 0 degrees Celsius. We went to palm springs, California 2 winters ago and it was such a relief for Suki to be able to go outside again even if it was just for a few days!

Do you guys ever get weird reactions from people for having Suki with you on a leash?

Martina Gutfreund: Honestly not often, the reactions are overwhelmingly positive when we are out on the trails. I think people see how stoked Suki is about everything around her and love that she is getting a wholesome experience just like all the other dogs out there. When we get a negative reaction it is usually when someone's dog starts acting aggressively around Suki and they are unable to stop it from misbehaving. We always pick Suki up and leave the area when we come across those types.

Are they any places where you won't take Suki along with you?

Martina Gutfreund: Yes, Suki does not like busy cities so we always travel to natural places or towns with very little vehicle traffic. She also hates horses more than anything on this planet, so we practically have to run away if we hear or see horses in the distance.

Did you ever imagine that Suki would become such an internet sensation?

Martina Gutfreund: I really can't say that I'm too surprised by it. She is such a beautiful kitty with an amazing personality, and seeing cats on hikes/ canoes/ car rides is a relatively new trend. The fact that the photos I take are backed by years of photography experience add a special touch to her Instagram as well.