The people of Toronto love to line up for things but there's one line up that had concert fans annoyed beyond belief. The long-awaited Summer Walker Toronto show on Monday, November 25 left fans waiting out in the cold for hours. Twitter blew up in a frenzy and lots of tweets were blaming Drake for Walker's late arrival.

Pictures were shared of Drizzy and Walker as people were held up outside Rebel Nightclub. Tweets show the long line ups before the concert and others have shared their experience of the night. 

Doors were set to open at 8 p.m. however people were allegedly let in at around 10 p.m. according to some tweets.

To add to the frustration, Walker was sharing Instagram stories of her in the city while fans were left confused as to why they weren't let into the venue.

Unfortunately, Drake's restaurant, Pick 6ix is shut down or we're sure she would have made a pit stop.

This is when she shared photos of herself along with Drake onto her Instagram feed.

Drake, who was at the Toronto Raptors game before he met up with Walker, was hanging out with rapper Meek Mill and even got photobombed by Kyle Lowry.

Walker went live on Instagram to clear up any misunderstanding, blaming the Canadian border services for holding up her equipment and team before the Toronto show.

Apparently she was unaware that fans were waiting outside for her to arrive.

As always, Twitter was the first resort for many annoyed attendees and went off about their night.

It doesn't seem like mysterious flowers from the 6ix God will help ease the frostbite in this case.

Toronto definitely won't hold back on this one.

According to one fan, the night was a bit chaotic, to say the least, with people getting trampled as they were making their way in.

"Wow, Summer Walker was really out here hanging out with Drake instead of attending her own show in Toronto..." reads one tweet.

According to Walker, Drake wanted to come to the show but she told him not to because, in her words, she sucks.

She says she only spoke to Drake for just a few minutes before she was told to hit the stage.

We don't blame her for wanting to run through the 6ix, but Toronto fans are on a whole other level.

Hopefully, she can come back to redeem herself after this one.

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