Spring-like temperatures. Blowing snow and flurries. "Damaging" wind gusts of 110 km/hour. What do all of these weather patterns have in common? They're all happening on the same day - this Sunday, February 24th. So, prepare to bust out the lighter jacket. Or, maybe a windbreaker. Or, your hat and gloves. Who the hell knows anymore.

This morning, Environment Canada issued a special weather statement for Toronto and the GTA for Sunday. The advisory warns of powerful winds of 90 to 110 km/hour, with flurries and blowing snow developing by the afternoon. We may see up to 5 cm of snowfall by Monday morning which "will be whipped up by the very strong winds creating whiteout conditions at times," the statement reads.

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"Damage to buildings, such as to roof shingles and windows, may occur. Power outages are also possible," it says. "Visibility may be significantly and suddenly reduced to near zero making travel hazardous." The strong winds will persist all through Sunday and into early Monday. 

But, here's the craziest part. Sunday's temperature will climb far above seasonal, peaking at a high of 9°C. With the wind we're expecting, it should feel closer to 4°C. I'd still call that a pleasantly mild day in February. However, from what it sounds like, Sunday's weather will be far from pleasant.

By Monday, temperatures will plunge to -4°C, feeling like -13°C. So much for that early taste of spring we were hoping for. The rest of next week isn't looking so great either - Tuesday will feel like -16°C  with the windchill, followed by another freezing cold day on Wednesday. Take a look for yourself:


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Well, Toronto, it seems like we'll have to keep doing what we do best. Continue living our best lives through all the snowstorms and deep freezes that winter throws at us. And complaining all the way.