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Sunset Grill Will Be Handing Out $1 Pancakes Across Ontario This Month

Come out and support a good cause while you eat!
Sunset Grill's $1 Pancakes Will Be Available Across Ontario This Month

When it comes to breakfast, having fluffy pancakes made for you at a restaurant always beats making them at home. However, eating out can often break the bank. If you're someone who loves breakfast but likes to eat on a budget,  Sunset Grill is going to be selling $1 pancakes across their Ontario locations this month. Sunset Grill's $1 pancakes will be available on Tuesday, February 25 and will help raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS).

The charming breakfast restaurant will be selling pancakes for a loonie for one day this month. As part of their 12th annual Pancake Tuesday Fundraiser, each pancake sold will garner a $1 donation to the Canadian Cancer Society. 

So if you need an excuse for a cheat day, donating to charity seems like a pretty good reason to eat a stack of pancakes on a Tuesday. 

Furthermore, $1 from every fresh-squeezed orange juice ordered on Pancake Tuesday will also go toward the CCS.

So you can wash down those pancakes with a nice glass of OJ. Luckily, you don't need to be in Toronto to score out on this deal. All Sunset Grills across Ontario will be participating in this event, so make sure to find the closest one near you. 

So far, the chain has raised over $144,000 since 2009. Last year, over $42,000 was donated. 

We all know how much Canadians love brunch, especially when it's $1, so hop on board yet another chance to eat breakfast for cheap. 

If you miss the chance to luck out on these cheap pancakes, there are a variety of other cheap brunch spots to keep in mind for another day.

One of Toronto's newest shops offers Japanese Soufflé pancakes in Tiramisu & Mango flavours.

While you can also indulge in mouthwatering pancake towers at STK. 

Happy brunching, and see you on Shrove Tuesday for some $1 pancakes! 

Pancake Tuesday at Sunset Grill

Price: $1 pancakes

When: February 25, 2020

Address: Sunset Grills across Ontario

Why You Need To Go: Eat pancakes for just $1 and support a great cause.

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