Super Fun Things You And Your BFF Must Do This Fall In Toronto

So many things to do, so little time.
Super Fun Things You And Your BFF Must Do This Fall In Toronto

Ever catch yourself making a mini bucket-list whenever there's a new, tangible change in your surroundings? Things like "must go here... must try this... must take a photo here..." OR your phone is blowing up from your friends sending you links to new restaurants or pop-up shops or mini road trips. 

This whole mini bucket list frenzy makes sense because with the season change, comes a list of super fun things you and your BFF's want to do together. Luckily, if you live in such an energetic city like Toronto, there are always interesting things to do. Plus, it's Thanksgiving season, so you're going to want to squeeze in as many festivities as you can, to soak up all the fun. New seasons are all about making memories, right? 

Here are some super interesting, unique and picturesque things you can do this fall with your BFF's:  

Try Frilu's 10-Course, Fall-Inspired Menu  

Frilu is an absolute HIDDEN GEM in the fine-dining scene. If you and your gal pals are looking for an elegant and eclectic dinner spot, you should really consider trying their unique fall menu which encompasses a beautiful 10-course meal titled Harvest Moon, Changing Leaves

Frilu is a restaurant that showcases the simplicities of nature using local and seasonal ingredients. Chef Troiano aims to change people’s perceptions of everyday items. He exemplifies this in his dishes, like his signature Lar-Eo cookie, where an original Oreo cookie is transformed into a savoury version made from blueberry and black quinoa, filled with rich pork fat.

Their fabulous fall menu also displays lavish plates like buttery lobser accompanied with beef floss, creamy sea urchin on top of fried burdock and even a beautiful whole pumpkin patch! My favourite dish here was Ground and Sea, which was FRILU's take on “agedashi tofu” made from deep-fried burdock topped with fresh, creamy sea urchin from Vancouver. Everything is served over a roasted chicken jus, full of umami. My second favourite dish was Waterfall: Marsh where roasted duck is finsished on Japanese binchotan charcoal and accompanied by crispy kale, turnip, bonito flakes, and burnt onion broth, which is poured tableside. The bed of white rice was scrumptious with the duck. 

Try Cheese Garden's New Cheesecake

With all the rage going on around this new Japanese dessert spot, it's really not a surprise they whipped up a new double fromage cheesecake flavour for Toronto foodies to try. 

This new pistachio double fromage cheesecake is even tastier than the last. Available from October 13th until November 4th, this seasonal cheesecake is made up of diverse layers with a fluffy pistachio sponge base, topped with a rich, smooth pistachio flavoured cheesecake. I've always been an avid cheesecake fan, so when I heard about this new cake flavour, I just had to try it. I can attest that the cakes are really good. I will definitely be going back for more.

Cheese Garden also adds sugar-coated roasted pistachios for an extra crrrrunch. This popular Japanese patisserie is probably one of my favourite cheesecakes spots in the GTA because the textures of their cheese is rich but not at all heavy. 

Eat French Food At Cafe Cancan

This beautiful French bistro is one of my favourite places to eat/drink with my girlfriends. Located on Harbord St. with their sister restaurant Piano Piano across the street, the owners have made the previous Harbord Room space their own. 

One of my favourite things about Cafe Cancan is just how stunning it is. French interior design is notoriously frivolous, but the restaurant's interior designer Tiffany Pratt really takes it to the next level with pastels, florals and and adorable details of pink flamingos. Of course, they have their infamous pink door that visitors never get tired of.

Classic French dishes like a delicious French Onion soup, escargot and Parisienne gnocchi can be found on their menu, and they are of course, plated delicately and beautifully. They also (obviously) serve foie gras, and you can order it several different ways but my favourite is tasting the foie gras parfait, which is paired with sweet rhubarb jam and baked brioche. 

For drinks, though they serve $100 bottles of Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut, the bar also whips up affordable cocktails for $6-$7. Very reasonable! 

Visit the East York Farmer's Market 

This free farmer's market has some of the best and freshest Ontario products ranging from fruit,veggies, cheese, baked goods and even BBQ food. The East York Farmers' Market is now in it's 18th season and runs until October 30th, at the East York Civic Centre on Coxwell and Mortimer.

Look out for Waymac's Mushroom Farmwhere most people rage about how spectacular the shiitake mushrooms are as well as fresh Ontario cheese from Monforte Dairy. Like any other farmer's market, they also sell fresh-cut flowers (perfect for the apartment), fresh honey, eggs and artisan soaps, creams and lotions. This could be the ideal BFF weekend day activity after a trip to the gym!

Catch 'THE NETHER" At The Coal Mine Theatre

The Toronto premiere opening night of THE NETHER is on Thursday October 11th, and it is an immersive virtual world where guests can indulge in their darkest desires. I know. Sounds kind of creepy, right? 

THE NETHER is actually a serepentine crime drama and a hauting sci-fi thriller, which explores the consequences of living out one's private dreams. The story starts when a young detective uncovers a disturbing brand of entertainment within a virtual world called The Nether.  This play received much praise after its world premiere in LA in 2013 and then followed productions in London and New York. Now it's fifth season is premiered in Toronto. 

If you and your BFF's are looking for a unique and slightly darkly indulging experience, take a look at the Coal Mine Theatre's website.

Visit Toronto's Newest Architectural Icon

Have you seen Unzipped yet? If you live near the Entertainment District, or have soaked up the sun at Toronto's trendy Fashion House pool, then you would have seen the months of production of this cool, serpentine-looking scructure. 

Available only until November 30th, Unzipped is an iconic exhibition celebrating Toronto's city-building artistry created by cultural development firm Westbank and Danish architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group. Visiting Unzipped is totally free of cost and it is open daily from 10am until 6pm.

The pavilion is made of 1,802 stacked fibreglass bricks which has a height of 46 feet. It is 27 metres long and 12 metres wide! This exhibit is a grand showcase of connections and business between developers and architects, where elements of intricate design can be greatly admired. 

Plan A Staycation In The City 

Honestly, some of the best memories I have with my closets friends are lounging in our bathrobes, drinking a class of Pinot and listening to some of our favourite music. There is nothing more intimate than catching up and hanging out in a staycation setting. Also-- who doesn't like hotels? (or Airbnbs). 

Obviously one would love a weekend staycation at Toronto's beloved Fairmont or Hazelton, but if that's out of your budget, there are tons of interesting Airbnbs as well. There is an eclectic guest home Airbnb in Cabbagetown with the most adorable back patio, full with a barbeque, patio sofas and hanging fairy lights. This home has a lot of attention to detail when it comes to creating a comfortable oasis for guests. It even has a rustic spiral staircase?! The last time I stayed in a home with one of those staircases was in the Amalfi Coast. 

There are also lovely boutique hotels like The Gladstone, The Drake, The Anndore House, Hotel Le Germain, The Thompson and the adorable Beverley.

Visit Evergreen Brickworks' Sunday Artisan Market 

The Sunday Artisan Market runs every Sunday at Evergreen Brickworks until November! This is the ideal spot for you and your BFF to peruse around on a weekend. There is a rotating roster of local artisinal vendors every week as well as special celebrations, like the Sunday Performing Arts Series and the Harvest Apple Festival

Throughout the season the Sunday Artisan Market will be host to special market activaties and events. To see a full list of everything happening at Evergreen Brick Works, visit their website. It's also a great place to stroll around for local goods to bring home as well as unique clothing, hand made jewelry and leather goods!

Visit The Final Toronto's Flower Market Event on October 20th

I absolutely love walking around flower markets. Obviously, it reminds me of summer and the mini market pop-ups outside the Bloor St. Club Monaco flagship. Creating stunning flower arrangements are great gift ideas and honestly, flower markets are just so beautiful, why miss it?

The Toronto Flower Market supports Ontario grown flowers & plants and connects florists and growers within the busy city. This outdoor flower market has amazing steals and beautiful blooms and it's your last chance to see them before the harsh Canadian weather hits. The market season runs monthly from May through October, and October 20th is the last day to visit this year!

Check Out The New Robot Server At Robo Sushi

Don't be fooled by Robo Sushi's undiscerning look on the outside. If you haven't already heard the press from this new sushi restaurant, you'll be surprised to hear that this AYCE restaurant actually has Japanese robots serve your food.

Probably the most pioneering food venture lately in the Toronto food scene, Robo Sushi is the first restaurant in Canada where servers are actual robots on wheels. It's highly entertaining. This endeavour puts robot tech as the main attraction but humans definitely still run the place. 

The hostess bots will approach and greet you once you've gone through the doors and lead you to your table in the restaurant (with some human programming, of course). These adorable bots were made in Japan and include heat sesnors that prevent them from bumping into people or other robots! After a three-tiered robot server brings you your sushi, you're invited to give them a High Five (a gentle smack on the head to so the robot is free to leave). How cute!

Have Drinks On A Cool Toronto Rooftop

The Broadview's 360 square-foot Rooftop bar/restaurant/terrace is unquestionably one of the most stunning features of the space. It is also why cocktail connoisseurs around the city venture to Toronto's East End to enjoy a creative cocktail on their rooftop bar.

It doesn't hurt that their rooftop offers IG-worthy views of the Toronto skyline AND Don River, complete with a 360-degree glass skylight as well as an outdoor and indoor bar. The hotel's rooftop can host up to 240 people-- who knows, maybe you'll meet your next beau here! The Broadview caters to a wide-range of clientele from Toronto's entertainment district to finance and law professionals. 

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