Are you and bae looking to take a trip this Valentine's day? Are you also flat broke? Well, good news! Swoop Airlines is offering several all-inclusive trips from February 11 to 15, and all you need to do to celebrate your love is get together a couple of hundred dollars instead of a couple thousand. So, pack your sunscreen, book a few days off work and prepare to relax on a beach where the word "snow" holds no meaning.

It's worth noting that in order to secure these sweet deals, you have to fly out of Hamilton, Ontario, and land in Cancun, Mexico. So, if you were hoping to kick back in Disneyland or some other warmer destination, you're out of luck.

The deals, which range from $600 to $1,000, vary greatly depending on which resort you want to choose.

Obviously, the more prestigious the resort, the more you'll have to pay. However, by the looks of the cheaper hotels, you won't exactly be slumming it if you decide to go for the bargain.

For example, the Real Inn Cancún is offering a super cheap all-inclusive deal that allows you and your partner to stay there for $1,308.21, which is just $654 a person. The place still looks relatively upscale for its price and is even located close to the beach.

The offer is an absolute steal price-wise, and all you would need to bring is your best bathing suit. 

"The property was both clean and beautiful. I got a last-minute room, and the staff had it ready very quickly. I enjoyed my stay. The food was great also," reads one review.

Singular Joy Vacation Rentals offers an even cheaper deal at $622 a person in Playa del Carmen. So, there are definitely options to choose from if you do not like what you hear from resort reviews.

The cheapest trips are also limited, so if you're looking to save money, you should act quickly before they all get swept up, and you wind up busting the bank.

Grab your S/O and pack your bag, because it's time to go on that romantic getaway.