Are you craving a getaway this winter? With the cold starting to set in, many of us are starting to look into escaping somewhere a little warmer for a bit. If the cost of travelling is holding down, we've got some good news. Swoop Hamilton to Las Vegas deals will give you a short vacation, flight and hotel included, for under $300. It's time to start packing because you can get a short, 4-day trip for as low as $286 in January. Not bad, right?

Both of your flights and hotel stay are included in this price, so all you need to worry about is finding some money to buy some food, and of course, participate in the world-famous gambling that Vegas has to offer. If you want to stay longer, Swoop is still offering some other deals as well. Week-long trips can be found for under $600. With flight and hotel included, this will still save you some cash.   So call up some friends and see who is up for a last-minute adventure to Vegas!

Not only will you be able to enjoy a vacation, but you will also be able to escape from the never-ending snowstorms that Ontario seems to be hit with this winter. 

If you want to score the $289 deal, you'll have to be willing to fly out from January 13 to January 16. 

However, there are also a variety of other deals available throughout the upcoming months. 

In order to access these deals, go to the Swoop Getaway website to see what other getaway packages you can snag for cheap right now. The airline also offers a variety of other locations that you can fly to such as Cancun, Mexico and Orlando, Florida. 

Keep in mind that their Getaway deals do not include checked or carry-on bags with the flight. You will have to go online to sort those details out under their "Manage my bookings" option.

If Swoop doesn't offer the deals you're looking for, Air Canada is currently having a sale until December 11, where they are discounting a variety of their sun destinations. 

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