Social Distancing In A Dino Suit Is The New Wave In Ontario, Apparently (PHOTOS)

Why wear a mask and gloves when you've got a T-Rex suit?
Social Distancing In A Dino Suit Is The New Wave In Ontario, Apparently (PHOTOS)

Several weeks of self-isolation orders are bringing out some eccentric behaviour. There have been an awful lot of people walking around in full-body T-Rex suits in Ontario lately. This may be the next best thing to a hazmat suit that you can get, and people are going for it.Since the lockdown and imminent threat of a potentially fatal virus, it can be scary going outdoors. Some residents are taking no chances. Most recently, a guy in an inflatable T-Rex suit was filmed casually walking down the street near a very deserted-looking King and Bathurst in Toronto. Our guess is that the inflatable costume was being used as a shield against germs.Although this is just speculation, another post on Twitter from March 20, 2020 supports this logic. "So while the world locks down for the pandemic my cousin and his daughters are cutting about the streets of Barrie, Ontario like dinosaurs," it says, followed by photos of two dinosaurs walking down the street hand in hand. Yet another bizarre sighting of inflatable dinos walking down the street was also posted on April 6. Is this how some people are physically distancing these days? It could be.

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We have so many questions. Is this safe? How well do you see where you're going? How do you walk into doors?

While there are no immediate answers, it's interesting that there have been several sightings in such a short timeframe.

A person in a T-Rex costume was even spotted walking their dog in an Ottawa suburb back in March. 

However, these aren't the only unusual animal sightings we've seen.

Since the lockdown, more wildlife has been spotted walking around in broad daylight in Toronto. 

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