Toronto's sports community is coming together to help event staff during the suspension of multiple seasons. All five of Toronto's sports teams are putting together the Team Toronto Fund, which will have financial contributions from team management, coaches and players. The fund will be aimed at financially assisting stadium staff who have been forced off the job due to the arena closures. Members of the Leafs, Blue Jays, Raptors, Argonauts, and Toronto FC have announced that they will all be contributing financial aid after the season's disruption due to COVID-19. This fund will work towards helping staff from the Scotiabank Arena, Rogers Centre, and the BMO Field, according to CBC

"The Team Toronto Fund will see team management, coaches and players from all five teams contribute to the fund to provide additional aid to the many workers that support them each and every day and night," read a statement from the NBA. 

All of the team presidents had their own positive messages to give out during this time of uncertainty. “Being a good teammate means looking out for our neighbours, friends and the people we work with. Through this fund, we all pledge to be good teammates to our arena, stadium and support staff. We want to be here for them, the way they are always here for us,” Masai Ujiri said in a news release

“As we’re dealing with these unprecedented circumstances, we’re seeing this as a time where our communities can band together and take care of one another,” Maple Leafs president & Alternate Governor Brendan Shanahan said in a statement.

According to Sportsnet, Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment stated that they would "provide a financial payment to bridge employees between their employee benefits and 95% of their regular average earnings."

The entire Raptors team went into a two-week quarantine following news that some NBA players had tested postive for the coronavirus. The season has since been suspended for the time being. 

However, all of the Raptors players have tested negative for the virus.  

The NHL followed suit just a few days ago by also deciding to put their season on hold. Currently, multiple sports stadiums and tourist hotspots have been shut down as a temporary halt in large gatherings of 250 people or more has been put in place by the Ontario Government.