Ten Things You Know To Be True When Living in Parkdale

West end's the best end
Ten Things You Know To Be True When Living in Parkdale

Whether you've lived in the city's hippest west end 'hood your whole life or are a recent transplant, you're familiar with the certain ~vibe~ Parkdale exudes. Some may call it rough or run-down some may even go as far as saying it can be "dangerous" but you know better because you get that je ne sais quoi Parkdale has and you also follow these ten rules that cement your "local" status.

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1. It's impossible to not talk to strangers

You'll be waiting at the streetcar stop in the morning, minding your own business when someone decides to start yelling in your face. You just walk away while continuing to listen to your podcast. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It comes with the territory.

2. It's really not that far from where you need to be

It's also close to everything you want to be near. Cheap beer? Check. Best tacos in the city? Two minutes from your front door. Looking to shop for a vintage outfit or designer clothing? Plenty of options and your friends are probably constantly asking you how you look so cool.

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3. Glory Holes aren't all that sketchy...

...when it comes to the sugary carb variety. Glory Hole donut shop in Parkdale has some of the most delicious flavours available, some of which you could say are just as random as the other thing they're named after.

4. There's two Parkdale's

The slightly more gentrified portion which is just west of the Dufferin bridge to about Brock street, and the rest which is impervious to change (but that's why we love it).

5. It's a great area to live as a 20-something or raise a family

Either way, everyone comes out tough as nails.

6. We're spoiled with authentic food

You know how people always complain on the restaurant reviews section of city blogs that the food isn't "authentic enough"? Yeah, you won't find that issue in Parkdale. The neighbourhood is largely made up of immigrants, many of whom opened their own businesses and are gracing our taste buds with the flavours of their motherlands.

7. Biking is a religion

While it's not that far from other areas, you like to save time and money like a true savvy Parkdalian (shhh...let it happen--it's going to be a thing). Besides, the area is just so pretty. The tree lined streets with massive old houses, its proximity to the lake. Why wouldn't you bike around and awe at your hood? (Just make sure you're also looking towards where you're going).

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8. The diversity is eye opening

We definitely have a motley crew going in Parkdale. Young immigrant families, hipsters and many lower income individuals. It keeps things lively and it shows that we can all live in harmony (you can cue the cheese music now).

9. The hipsters are cooler

Toronto is pretty well known for its hipsters. They're stylish and kind of cold but will still drink Tim Hortons unironically and apologize politely if they cut you off on their expensive aerodynamic bikes. The hipsters in Parkdale though? They're next level. They're still all those things just mentioned but then they ooze this, "I dunno, I just woke up like this" vibe (because they probably did) while looking great. They easily win against you in a fight, chip a nail, and have it look good enough to start a new trend.

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10. Everyone secretly wishes they lived here

No really, they do. All those comments you get from friends like, "do I have to come visit you after 8 p.m" and "you pay rent to live down this alley way?" come from a place of longing tinged with a bit of jealousy. You've got street cred while maintaining this chic city look and feel. You've basically achieved any #goals anyone could ever tweet about. Welcome to Parkdale.