Raptor Terence Davis Opens Up About How Much He Adores His Life In Toronto

He loves the food scene here.
Terence Davis Opens Up About How Much He Adores His Life In Toronto

It looks like Toronto has a lot going for it on and off the court, according to Raptors rookie Terence Davis. The basketball star recently gave an interview on his time in the 6ix since becoming a member of the Raptors. It turns out, the player loves living in Toronto.In an interview with Hoops Hype, Davis had some positive things to say about his time in Toronto so far. "I’m in love with the city, honestly. I feel like I’m in such a great situation." The player even admitted that one of his favourite parts of living in Ontario's capital is the great selection of food we've got."There are a lot of things that I love about Toronto. There are so many places to eat. It’s unbelievable. The city is amazing."Davis also revealed that he loves the fans and tries to interact with as many people as possible."The fans are amazing. When I first moved to Toronto, no one really knew who I was so I could go out and eat peacefully. But now it’s like, fans notice me and it is amazing.""I try to interact with as many fans as I can. At the end of the day, I’m just a regular person. I’m a normal human being. I’m not higher than anyone else. These fans are human, too, so I want them to see what type of person I am. I’m a genuine guy."

The 22-year-old Raptors player, like many of his other teammates, is also a dad and moved his family here with him. He even boasted about his family home in the interview, "I live in a building like 40 or 50 floors up with a lake view and a city view. I can’t complain about anything." 

Terence has been well received in Toronto since the beginning of his time here. Just a few weeks ago, the most adorable footage came out of Davis trading food with a young Raptors fan at a game and it totally stole our hearts. 

However, he's not the first to open up about Toronto and the love he has for the city. 

Last year, VanVleet also opened up about his love for the 6ix, admitting that, "We love it here. My kids love it. My daughter is a dual citizen. I definitely could see myself living here for a long, long time. Canada is really like a second home for us. This has grown into a place that we love to be.”

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