The Toronto Raptors are pretty flashy on the court, and it seems they're not too shy in showing off their natural, erm, talents off the court, too. Rookies Terence Davis, Matt Thomas, and Dewan Hernandez hit the stage to sing their hearts out in the team's rookie initiation during the franchise's celebration of 25 years. The moment was shared on Instagram by the team. We love TDII, but we think his ball career is a little more promising than his popstar chances.

On Wednesday, February 26, the Raptors celebrated a quarter of a century of action. And they brought back some old-school Raptors alumni to join in on the celebration.

Those former players and everyone in attendance were treated to one hell of a show.

TDII was joined on stage by Thomas and Hernandez and the trio sang a couple of classic songs to get the party going.

"Can You Stand the Rain?" by New Edition and "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton were the tunes of choice.

The covers were shared onto IG by the likes of the Raptors official account and teammate Norm Powell.

The three, evidently eager to show off their vocals, had everyone laughing and living for the moment.

The vocals may not have been entirely up to scratch, but you can't fault the effort. Davis and Thomas, in particular, were belting out the tunes.

Kudos to them for being good sports despite having more skill on the court — They sure know how to get a party going.

This isn't the first time one of the rookies has had to take the stage. Matt Thomas and Kyle Lowry starred as Cannon Dolls for the National Ballet of Canada's The Nutcracker under a certain amount of pressure from Lowry, it seems.

For Davis, this is just the latest example of how much he loves life as a Raptor.

The Mississippi-born 22-year-old recently became the latest Raptor to gush about just how much he loves the 6ix.

And, in a Toronto Star article, he was asked if reality has settled in for him.

“I hope it never does because this is my job, this is something I love to do and I wake up every day putting in the work and I hope it remains that way,” the young star replied.

“I never want to get caught up in being satisfied, getting complacent or anything out there so I’m always working every day to get better.”

What a guy.

Fans have loved Davis for some time. But his performances on the court, along with cute moments like when he shared food with a young fan courtside, are just more reasons to love him.

Fair play to him for showing off his pipes. 

Imagine the damage he'd do at a championship parade...