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Terence Davis Was Called Out By 2 NBA Superstars For Trash Talking

Talk about a welcome to the league!

At some point in everyone's life, we can all run our mouths a little too much and find ourselves being put in our place. For NBA players, trash talk is a given, but one Toronto Raptor admits he found himself in a tricky situation for talking a bit too much smack. Rookie Terence Davis recently admitted his first true initiation into the NBA came as he was brought down to size by two of the league's best players.

In an interview with Yahoo Sports Canada, Davis said it all happened during a preseason game against the Houston Rockets back in October.

At first, the most noteworthy thing about the night was the teams were playing overseas in Saitama, Japan.

As Davis recalls, Houston's star point guard Russell Westbrook wasn't having his best night, shooting 1-of-6 from the three-point line.

Sitting on the bench as a rookie yet to debut in the league, TDII still couldn't help but call him out.

"I yelled out to Westbrook," the 22-year-old recalls. "I said, 'That sh*t broke.'"

That sounds like some big, big talk from a guy who went unselected in the 2019 NBA Draft — and this is when things went south for Davis.

Westbrook definitely heard him and walked towards the Raptors bench to give Davis a piece of his mind. James Harden, another all-star player for the Rockets, was not far behind, as they are known to stick together

“They let me have it,” Davis says. “They were talking to me bad. I’m talking about bad. They welcomed me to the league.”

We bet they did.

As much as that may have been an awkward moment for Terence, though, he put up an impressive performance that night.

In fact, his performances in Japan left Raptors fans freaking out over the type of player the team had added over the summer. 

And just four months on, Davis is putting up solid numbers off the bench this year, averaging 7.9 points, 3.5 rebounds and 1.7 assists in 55 games so far.

While he may not have impressed Harden and Westbrook, Davis endeared himself to Raptors Nation even more last week.

He caught attention when he traded food with a young fan in the kind of adorable fan-player interaction that becomes an instant smash.

And that wasn't the first time the rookie had done it for the kids since coming to Toronto. He and teammate Matt Thomas gave a basketball clinic to some lucky children in North York back in November.

However, next time Terence wants to talk some trash to Westbrook, he may think again or, at least, do it on the court this time.