Canada’s newest "royal" couple have already danced their way into our hearts, but now they might do it literally. Tessa Virtue and Morgan Rielly are total #CoupleGoals and the only thing missing is Mo joining in with Tessa's dance videos. Well, in a recent Instagram Live video, Virtue revealed he's actually a great dancer and now fans are itching to see the proof.

Virtue took her impressive dance moves to Instagram on May 1 with Quebec-based choreographer Samuel Chouinard.

Naturally, #TMo fans were all up in the comments asking Mo to jump in and bust a move.

And Tessa seems to think her beau would impress.

“He would pick this up quite quickly, that’s the incredible thing,” Virtue admitted during a quick dance break.

“When you (Chouinard) helped with the Arkells video, I didn’t even notice that he was somewhere on the other side of the camera and we hung up the phone and he knew the whole thing. It was amazing.”

Chouinard, seemingly a bit shocked at the news of Mo’s dance skills, suggested that next time Rielly should definitely join in.

Frankly, we can’t help but agree!

“Well, I think he’d be a bit nervous,” Virtue responded in the video. Awwww!

However, according to previous comments from Leaf winger Mitch Marner, it’s more than nerves holding back Morgan's dance skills.

In Virtue's last dance class with Chouinard, Marner commented: “Teach @morganrielly to dance throughout this quarantine, god knows he needs It 🤣”

To which Virtue replied they should all have a video dance party soon.

Um, we’re still waiting on that one too!

Although Morgan didn’t appear physically in the May 1 live stream, he was blowing up the comment section with thumbs-up emojis and words of encouragement for Tessa. 

We love a supportive BF. Way to go, Mo.

And it wasn't long before #TMo fans took to Twitter to express just how adorable of a pair these Canadian athletes truly are, and how much they want to see them dance off.

"Mo being such a fan of his gf while watching from somewhere in the same house is sooo freaking adorable. I can’t!!," one tweet reads.

That is pretty sweet. But then, it shouldn't be that surprising, considering that Morgan has already admitted he and Tessa are "keeping each other sane" during this quarantine. 

One thing is for sure, we'll be keeping our fingers crossed for that dancing duo video.