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Virtue & Rielly Finally Go Public On Instagram With A Cute Workout (VIDEO)

Get a partner who looks at you like Tessa looks at Moe doing push-ups.

Drop everything you’re doing, because Canada’s new power couple is at it again. Tessa Virtue and Morgan Rielly are finally sharing their love publicly and naturally for a pair of athletes, their first couple post has to do with fitness. In an Instagram story posted Thursday, March 26, Virtue shared footage of a romantic workout hike and we seriously can’t get enough. 

The video, apparently shot from the pair's hideout out in Vancouver, shows a stunning hiking area with mountain views, boardwalks, and waterfalls. 

Talk about a romantic backdrop!

In the story, you can see Virtue and Rielly rocking squats and pushups, sharing adorable high-fives, and more. 

The mutual support is making our hearts melt, to be quite honest with you.

Rumours that the Canadian athletes were an item have been skating around for months, especially after Auston Matthews started spilling all the tea back in February.

Not long after that AM34 interview, fans almost unanimously deemed Virtue and Rielly Canada’s ultimate power couple.

A fitting title, if you ask us.

And then, just when we needed it most, the power duo joined Arkells frontman Max Kerman on his live stream to finally confirm the rumours

It was on that stream that Virtue and Rielly promised they would share their home workouts, and here they are to deliver on it.

It should really come as no surprise that the first public couples post from Tessa would involve hiking outdoors. 

When the pair went live with Kerman for a COVID-19 update, Virtue shared that they’re lucky enough to be able to get outside and enjoy the mountains in Vancouver while they practice social distancing. 

And, in a recent Instagram post, she further outlined the importance of getting outside during this time.

“Just a reminder that being in nature makes people feel better emotionally and contributes to physical well-being. If you’re in an area where you’re able, a little nature frolicking can be good for the soul. Sending everyone virtual hugs!” the post reads.

Amen to that.

It would appear that most of the Leafs have fitness on their mind right now, despite the NHL season taking a pause right now.

However, they’ve still managed to make time for haircuts and kitty cuddles too. How sweet!

So, once you’ve got your fill of Tessa and Moe (Toe? Messa? OK, the ship name is pending), be sure to check out how the rest of the Toronto Maple Leafs are spending their isolation as well.