Toronto's bubble tea game is on point. There are several bubble tea places in the city that a bubble tea enthusiast can definitely appreciate, from small businesses to international chains. Here are 10 awesome bubble tea places in Toronto, for those who have a tapioca craving to satisfy:

1. Chatime // 132 Dundas St W

Chatime has a solid global presence, with over 800 stores worldwide. It's becoming a bubble tea giant in the GTA, and offers a great selection of bubble tea and drinks made from 100% real tea.

2. Destiny Tea Cafe // 633 Silver Star Blvd

Destiny Tea Cafe not only offers a great selection of bubble teas; it also serves tasty Asian cuisine. It boasts a gorgeous venue that's great for a night out with friends or dinner dates.

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3. Easy Drink Easy Go // 5423 Yonge St

Easy Drink Easy Go is a Tawainese-based company that is particularly big in Malaysia. They offer various preparations of drinks, including milk tea, smoothies, and creamy snow cap.

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4. CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice // 17B Finch Ave W

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice is yet another business with Taiwanese roots. Throughout January 2016, you can get a large Red Bean Mocha Milk Tea for just $3.50 at their Markham location (3300 Midland Ave).

5. One Hour // 435 Spadina Ave

One Hour is a cozy street cafe that serves a variety of specialty drinks and meals. The shop is known for having a minimalistic design, with bean bags and group tables that are perfect for study sessions.

6. Go For Tea // 3700 Midland Ave

Go For Tea is a great place to go to for entertaining your guests. Apart from its wide range of bubble tea flavours and Asian-inspired menu, it also has an inviting interior ambience that's great for social outings.

7. Ten Ren’s Tea // 454 Dundas St W

Ten Ren's Tea is one of the largest bubble tea chains worldwide, with over 2000 stores in Asia and America. Its Dundas location is perfect for those who are looking for a quick grab-and-go of bubble tea.

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8. Tea Shop 168 // 204 Queen St W

Tea Shop 168 has definitely grown since it established it's first store in Downtown Toronto in 1996. Along with bubble tea, the shop also offers fresh fruit drinks, yogurt slushes and Italian sodas.

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9. Bubble Tease // 111 Dundas St W

Bubble Tease has been around since 1997 and has 6 locations in the GTA. The shop has a menu of uniquely-named bubble teas, such as #Soo0oMango and #HeyCeylon.

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10. Jule // 20 Carlton St

Jule is a dessert cafe with a cool atmosphere. Bubble tea and drinks are prepared to your preferred sweetness (which is good since they also offer a tasty selection of sugary treats).