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The 10 Cheapest Travel Destinations For 2017

With the dismal weather we've been experiencing in Toronto, it's only natural to start dreaming of your next getaway. Sadly, the cost of travelling can make it difficult to turn that dream into a reality. That said, there are ways to see the world without racking up an insane debt.

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 Thanks to the Lonely Planet, it's never been so easy to find incredible destinations that aren't as hard on your budget. From Marakech to Michigan, here are the 10 best value travel destinations of 2017.

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1. Nepal

Home to Mount Everest, Nepal is a budget-friendly choice for travellers looking for adventure. For far less than CAD$70 a day, you can access world-famous hiking trails and incredible wildlife along the Himalayan trail. For an urban experience, check out Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal which boasts incredible religious buildings like Buddhist monasteries and Hindu temples.

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2. Namibia

The low Namibian dollar makes this an excellent time to visit the African country. Get the true desert-wildlife experience in Etosha National Park or marvel at the Sossusvlei sand dunes. For architecture lovers, a visit to Swakopmund is a must considering the incredible German Colonial buildings.

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3. Porto, Portugal

Home to incredibly affordable food and accommodation, Porto is probably one of Europe's best kept secrets. The coastal city is known for its colourful rooftops, cobble stone streets and wine production (yes, plz!)

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4. Venice, Italy

Venice is a pricey city that can be done inexpensively if you play your cards right. Scour AirBnB for great deals and try preparing some of your own meals - you'll save money on travel into the city and you'll steer clear of those tourist trap restaurants. Spend your days wandering alongside canals and soaking in the culture without draining your wallet.

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5. Debrecen, Hungary

Though Budapest tends to get all of the attention, Debrecen, the second largest city in Hungary, is an incredible destination in its own right. With a number of low-cost airlines making trips to the city, its becoming a great budget-friendly option for travellers. Filled with historic buildings and a growing live music scene, Debrecen is quickly becoming one of Europe's newest hot spots.

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6. Belize

While a trip to Belize can certainly add up, savvy travellers know how to explore the region without breaking the bank. Rather than staying at a five star resort, check out some of the country's southern beach spots like Planecia and Hopkins and indulge in their growing street-food scene to save $ without sacrificing taste.

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7. Morocco

As one of the most Insta-worthy spots on the list, Morocco offers incredible sights for a relatively low cost. While Marrakesh is the big-ticket location, the country is also home to equally impressive cities like Essaouira and Tangier that offer the Moroccan experience with fewer crowds at a fraction of the cost.

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8. Russia

With 1 Russian Rouble the equivalent of CAD$0.022, a trip to Russia is a cost-friendly trip that still offers some of the most incredible sights in all of Europe. On the to-do list? Take in the awe-inspiring Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow and try the delicious blini, the Russian version of crepes that can be bought from most street vendors in the major cities.

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9. Bellarine Peninsula, Australia

Located in Victoria, Australia, the Bellarine Peninsula is a great destination choice for travellers looking for more relaxed getaway. The region offers prime destinations for cycling, surfing, and snorkelling, as well as unparalleled views of the coast.

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10. Michigan's Upper Peninsula, United States

This under-appreciated region of the States offers incredible natural beauty with relatively fewer crowds at a reasonable cost. With over 300 waterfalls, hundreds of miles of beaches, and charming small towns, Michigan's Upper Peninsula is one of the best cost-friendly destinations for Canadians looking to escape at any time of year.

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