Blue Jays fever has hit Toronto, and the city can't get enough of the boys in blue! With their incredible talents on the field, there is also their hotness factor off of it! Here is the ranking of the current roster for the ALCS series, taking into consideration the boys skills and looks.

1. Marcus Stroman

He is an inspiration on and off the field! After being injured in March of this year, he went back to school to finish his degree. With hard work and determination he was able to re-join the team in September, and help them to clinch. His smile is also gorgeous and that hair style is too much fun!

2. Ryan Goins

#17 is a rocket on the field! Learning from his past mistakes he has been hitting the field harder then ever to prove his abilities. A great teammate, and an incredible defender he is one to remember. He's also easy on the eyes when you're watching him in the infield.

3. Jose Bautista

Could his beard be any sexier? Or his bat flip? This outfielder is in it to win it, and he makes sure everyone knows that. This is the cutie you see on the Booster Juice commercial and boy does it make us thirsty! (If you know what I mean)

4. Josh Donaldson

Lined up to be this years MVP this guy is a great catch (we mean that literally and physically!) His talents of catching are one a kind, and damn look at that hair! It's also pretty sweet that he has the most amount of home runs for the team.

5. Troy Tulowitzki

He's stacked with being a great offensive and defensive player, and him being jacked makes him even more fun to watch. This 6'3 stud also seems to enjoy his sensitive side, not being able to let go of his lucky glove, which he won two Gold Glove awards in 2010 and 2011!

6. Ben Revere

#7 has a smile that could kill, and is a great outfielder who is a pretty solid contact hitter. Being traded later in the season, he has made him home in Toronto and has the city on his back. The man can run like the speed of light, and hey there is also no complaints about the size of his arms either!

7. Kevin Pillar

As one of the best defenders in baseball, he is also sexy as hell. 6'0 and absolutely delicious, being a late pick he took some time to get used to the team because he was never supposed to be an everyday player. He finally got his lucky chance and has been killing it on the outfield.

8. Marco Estrada

This fiery Mexican was not even supposed to be a starter but got his chance of a lifetime when some pitchers were struggling, and boy he did not disappoint! With his spicy looks he had an unreal season, and made the team proud!

9. David Price

This DILF is too cute for words, and an unbelievable pitcher. Nominated for a CY Young award this year, and was the former #1 pick in the draft. Striking out numerous guys every game, he is a very valuable player on the Jays!

10. Russel Martin

This Canadian heart throb is incredible at calling a great game, and has a very impressive arm to throw out base stealers. If you're into beards he is also doing an incredible job at growing his out! His specialty is as a pitch framer, and he is especially good with his fingers ladies, to signal pitches of course!