The 10 Most Beautiful Places In Ontario To Go For A 3-Day Weekend

Because those 3-dayers are for travelling!
The 10 Most Beautiful Places In Ontario To Go For A 3-Day Weekend

The long weekend is quickly approaching and sometimes sticking around the city and watching the fireworks can be a good idea. But when there's so much Ontario to explore, why would you want to?

When it comes to 3-day weekends, it's hardly enough time to hop on a plane and enjoy a new country but this 10 places are so close to Toronto they might as well be in your backyard. And there absolutely stunning, too, so you're sure to have one amazing long weekend if you decide to head to any of these spots.

1. Bruce Peninsula // Tobermory

Located about 4 hours north of Toronto, the Bruce Peninsula has it all. The crystal clear water is perfect for swimming, their Grotta is one of the best places to explore, and their white sandy beaches are perfect for laying back and getting your tan on. Tobermory has so much to offer on vacation, you'll have to pick and choose to fit it all in!

2. Blue Mountains // Collingwood

Blue Mountain is often highly sought after in the winter months, but there's so much magic to be found in the summer as well. With Scenic Cave Adventures, stunning hiking trails, and the small town vibes to match, this place is one of the best places to go to for a short 3-day escape. It's only 2 hours from Toronto, too.

3. Bayfield // Bluewater

With a population of less than 2000, this small town just under 3 hours from Toronto is the perfect place to have a quiet getaway. The quaint town has 6 beautiful and naturaly maintained beaches to chooose from, charming shops, art galleries and some incredible small town vibes.

4. Agawa Canyon // Sault Ste. Marie

Agawa Canyon is bit of a longer drive from Toronto at 9 hours, but well worth the time spent in the car! The stunning canyon is full of hiking trails, lookout points and if you manage to hike it to the top, some breathtaking views. They also offer 3-day train tours of the canyon from Toronto so you can ditch the car and head out that way.

5. 1000 Islands // Gananoque

The 1000 Islands are a visually stunning set of islands in the St. Lawrence River. The river borders both Canada and the US, so you might want to bring your passport just in case you feel like popping over to explore the American side.

6. Bay of Quinte

Just 2 hours away from Toronto, this z-shaped bay is on the shores of Lake Ontario and offers so much to do. With a bustling small town vibe, there's fishing, boating, golfing, wine and beer tours, and so much more.

7. Niagara Falls

A classic favourite, Niagara falls is less than 2 hours from Toronto and even if you've been there 100 times, it always amazes. With plenty to do such as casino's, wine tours, and fun attractions, Niagara is the perfect weekend escape. During the summer, the boat tours are open, too, so that's a huge plus!

8. Muskoka

The hottest spot in Ontario for those trying to escape the hustle and bustle of city life is Muskoka. The cottage country esque area has some of the most stunning nature, walking and hiking trails, and beautiful crystal lakes for an afternoon dip.

9. Prince Edward County

Just over 2 hours from Toronto is this stunning island on the north shore of Lake Ontario. The rich historical vibes that you get with Prince Edward County are unmatched, and there's so much to do and see. Head over to Sandbanks to soak in the rays or stay in town and hit up one of their many unique restaurants or catch a live play.

10. Grand Bend // Lambton Shores

Located on the shores of Lake Huron, this small town community is less than 3 hours away from Toronto and happens to be one of the best spots to head for a 3-day weekend. The beach, named on their website as 'The jewel on Ontario's west coast', has gotten that name for a good reason. It's stunning white sands and blue water will have you basking in the rays of relaxation all weekend long. They also have the biggest fireworks display in all of Southwest Ontario for Canada day, just sayin'.