Am I the only one who wants to escape Toronto right now? It's already so cold and have only two things on my mind: Christmas and travel. Since I am already planning my vacations for the upcoming year, I figured I'd share with you what I found were the "hottest" (maybe not necessarily weather wise...I'm looking at you Iceland) spots.

Here are the 10 trendiest travel destinations right now: 

10. Fiji

A stroll on the beautiful beaches of Fiji Islands? Down. After years of uncertainty and disruption, Fiji is finally becoming peaceful again. This is the perfect place for lounging on the beach, enjoying the scenery of your dreams and testing the latest extreme sport.

9. Greenland

A gentle breeze of freshness. With the lowest population density in the world, Greenland isn't a destination that comes immediately to mind. However, its sunsets, whales, tundra and northern lights should be on your bucket list. In addition, Greenland will host the Arctic Winter Games next year.

8. Uruguay

Although it is small, Uruguay has much to offer. Its tranquility, hospitality and temperament are three things that make the country recognize as the ''Switzerland of America''.

Photo cred - Lonely Planet

7. Poland

The city of Wroclaw is actually under the spotlight as European Capital of Culture 2016. The destination is also on the rise because the country will welcome the Pope to celebrate World Youth Day.

6. Australia

It’s now possible to visit this far destination on a budget because of the fluctuation of the Australian dollar. The dreamlike landscapes and iconic natural sites will make you dream, that’s for sure! And if you like good wine, southwestern vineyards will please you too.

5. Latvia

Named the European Capital of Culture in 2014, Latvia has a lot of treasures to offer. Its traditions and its architecture are absolutely worth seeing, and 2016 will mark the country's silver anniversary of freedom from the Communist reign aka there is sure to be a party.

4. Palau

I've never heard of this place before! Located in Oceania, east of the Philippines, Palau is like a mini paradise on Earth. This is the most popular place in the world for scuba diving, and it's a superb destination for kayaking.

3. National in the USA

The National Park Service, in charge of the 59 national parks and hundreds historical sites around the USA, celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2016 (with billions of investments). Those american parks are known to be particularly grand.

Photo cred - Lonely Planet

2. Japan

With the devaluation of the yen (Japanese currency), it's the perfect time to visit Japan. Its mixture of modernity and history is perfect for people who like to discover new places and new cultures. In addition, it has a new neighbourhood designed solely for shopping and the Olympic Village greatly embellished the city of Tsukiji.

1. Botswana

This african country, whose celebrating 50 years of independence in 2016, is the #1 place to visit next year. Why? Because of its spectacular fauna and its natural riches.

Source - Lonely Planet