The 10 Types Of Park Dwellers Found In Trinity Bellwoods

It's a park party.
The 10 Types Of Park Dwellers Found In Trinity Bellwoods

Photo cred - Toronto Life

There are many different types of people who use Trinity Bellwoods as their core hangout spot in the summer. But -- why wouldn't you? It's a beautiful park with so much potential picnic space.

Although the park might be known for it's hipster population, the hipsters don't own the park and the park is home to many interesting TorontoniansSo plan a day at the park to people watch and creep on the Trinity Bellwoods population:

1. Musicians

Blonde hair flowing, guitar on lap and singing about his/her mom. It's not hard to find the musicians at Trinity Bellwoods and they might even ask to play you a song or too off of their new EP. There may even be a group of them under one of the trees and I'm sure they'd love it if you joined their circle, unless your instrument of choice is a recorder -- in that case you should probably practice solo or at home. Don't spoil the good vibes of the park!

 2. Creative Vendors

There are some very unique and interesting vendors at the park that will be sprawled across the grass with their belongings. It's not a garage sale (well sort of) -- and you are able to purchase everything that you see on the grass or blanket. Maybe indulge in a gold Buddha statue to increase your state of zen or a mini painting for your fridge. Whatever the purchase may be -- it can be a souvenir from your summer in Bellwoods.

3. Hipsters

The hipsters aren't hard to spot at Trinity Bellwoods. They'll certainly be with their crew, cigarettes in hand with mustaches and beards that have that ginger-tinge in the sun. These groups aren't as approachable because they have their cool friends and they don't need anymore of those. Admire their Peter Pan hats, their grandpa shoes and fabulous sunglasses because you will never be apart of this group -- ever. Unless you are and in that case -- you'll never admit it.

4. That Couple In Love

There's always that one couple in Trinity Bellwoods, embracing one another and their love for PDA. They might be under the tree, on a bench, or a picnic table -- the obvious places in the park. She'll be braiding his hair, she'll be braiding hers or beard braiding might be going on -- whatever the case try to understand that this summer you might not find love and that's okay. You can braid your hair single too!

5. Nudists

Trinity Bellwoods is a pretty 'free' place, so there might be some nudity going on. There's been topless girls just chilling in their friend circles -- evening out their tans. So if you spot the nudists, admire their confidence and try not to be the creep behind the tree staring. Nudity in the park isn't abnormal you weirdo.

 6. The Drunks

Brown paper bag in hand for the shy guy/girl or a can for the bold drinkers -- these park partiers aren't the quiet types. They'll be singing songs -- maybe playing some drunk frisbee or even playing drinking games in the grass. These are the delinquents who the park can collectors have to clean up after. But, the park is it's own mini ecosystem and without the drunks -- it wouldn't be Trinity Bellwoods -- would it?

 7. The Cyclist

Watch your back on the sidewalks around the park because cyclists are always out and about. One brief look behind you and a hot biker guy/girl might just whizz past your very eyes. The park has the perfect trail for biking -- so if you can't beat the bikers walking -- join them!

 8. The Tinder Date

Trinity Bellwoods is actually a great place to bring your date, but the awkward Tinder dates are easy to spot. They might be wandering the park in circles for a while and then go watch a match of moms playing tennis for a bit. Then when it gets awkward they'll be walking past you for the fifth time until they park themselves down on a bench. True love can start out awkward, but let the Tinder lovers figure it out.

 9. The Dog Walker

There are plenty of dogs and their owners walking around Trinity Bellwoods and they might come up to greet you every now and then. Make room for these guys on the sidewalks because they love the summer air just as much as you do. There is tons of pug love going around too as pugs seem to be the popular dog choice of 2015. Dressed in their best duds, these dogs are ready for their 15 min of daily fame at the park.

10. The Gymnasts

The gymnasts at the park are the most entertaining to watch. They will set up their tight ropes and begin mesmerizing you with their incredible skills. You might not be able to get your shoe on with one foot in the air, but these acrobats will show you the meaning of the word 'balance.' Lay down and watch them practice their sweet moves for free. I don't recommend joining these guys unless you are truly confident in your gymnast abilities.