If there's one aspect of the foodie scene that Toronto does better than any other city, it's definitely brunch! From eggs benedict to stacks on stacks of pancakes, there are tons of spots in city that can satisfy your brunch cravings- savoury or sweet.

So whether you want to grab great food in a spot with a killer aesthetic, want some feel-good diner eats, or bottomless mimosas all morning long, we've got you covered!

The Drake Hotel

Where: 1150 Queen St W

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The Drake Hotel is well known for their mid-century designed interior that practically begs for you to snap a photo of it for Instagram. Apart from the impeccably designed interior, the spot also hosts an incredible brunch menu that looks just as good as it tastes!


The Broadview Hotel

Where: 106 Broadview Ave via @themrcavaliere

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The Broadview Hotel is another "hotel" in the city that offers an incredible breakfast/ brunch menu. They've got some incredible avocado toast as well as a staple dish of eggs and bacon. Though people definitely do check out the spot mainly because of how gorgeous the bar area is!


Early Bird Coffee + Kitchen

Where: 613 Queen St W

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If you are looking for the prettiest brunch in the city, look no further than Early Bird! Their brunch is offered everyday and is absolutely stunning! From their dressed up smoothie bowls and pink eggs benedict to their avocado toast topped with avocado style as a flower, you need to make sure to hold off on digging in to snap a pic of your meal! Bonus, they're also about to open a second location in the city.


Old School

Where: 800 Dundas St W

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Old School is the perfect place to go to if you are looking for the perfect mix of savoury and sweet when it comes to brunch. Not only is their entire brunch menu going to leave you drooling, but their food presentation is insane, there literally isn't a meal on the menu that doesn't make for the perfect Instagram!


Mildred's Temple Kitchen

Where: 85 Hanna Ave

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If you love pancakes, you've got to go to Mildred's Temple Kitchen if you haven't already. They serve up their incredibly popular blueberry pancakes that have been dubbed the best pancakes in the city. So go check them out for yourself, you definitely won't be disappointed!



Where: 679 Lansdowne Ave

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Baddies is another spot that serves up some serious aesthetic along with their delicious brunch. The more low-key spot is head to toe designed to the nines and their menu is full of almost too many choices, you'll definitely be making several visits in order to try all the dishes you want to eat!


Starving Artist

Where: 1078 St Clair Ave W

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Starving Artist serves up an incredible brunch at multiple locations that are constantly rammed with fellow brunchers, for good reason of course. They offer the staple brunch favourites and do them impeccably well, plus the overall ambiance of the space is simple yet adorable!


Saving Grace

Where: 907 Dundas St W

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Saving Grace is another super popular spot in the city that serves up an incredible brunch that's perfect for your next brunch date with your BFFS! With the menu constantly changing, there is always some new for you to sink your teeth into!



Where: 480 King St W

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Anyone getting West World vibes? This Western-inspired spot is the perfect place to grab some brunch if you are a fan of a Western styled interior and homey eats!


Dirty Food

Where: 3070 Dundas St W

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Don't worry, Dirty Food's food definitely does not live up to it's name considering their food is incredible! Though you'll definitely find it hard to hold off on digging into your food long enough to get the perfect photo of it for IG!


Farmhouse Tavern

Where: 1627 Dupont St

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Farmhouse Tavern is a staple spot that tons of fellow brunch-lovers in the city frequent. Considering they routinely serve up an incredible brunch inside an adorably rustic interior!