If you go to Ryerson, you are no stranger to the food temptations you get when walking to class. Though, when it comes to actually grabbing a bite to eat, most students tend to stick to the basics that are directly on campus. Whether it's Blaze Pizza or Basil Box, it can always be hard to find yourself a table and eating at the same spots everyday can get pretty boring.

If you are looking to switch up your lunch or dinner routine when you are on campus, look no further! We've got the perfect places for you to grab a bite to eat during your breaks in between lectures! Whether it's a spot for you are your friends to grab food and drinks after a long lecture or a quick bite in between labs, read on to find the best spots to eat in between classes!

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Hot dog stand

Where: By the SLC

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If you are super pressed for time but want to grab something to eat on your way to class or in lecture, look no further than the hot dog stand! Who the heck doesn't like a good hot dog? Plus, if you've got a late night lecture the stand on campus is super easy to find considering the guy who runs it legit puts on this very odd (but appreciated) strobe light show with all the LED strips he's got attached to his cart.


Where: 122 Bond St

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Balzac's is a super popular spot on campus considering you can get great coffee and a snack super quickly. So if you are in that big of a rush that you can grab a proper meal but do need to re caffeinate, just run over to the Image Arts building between classes!



Where: 322 Yonge St

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If you've only got 15 minutes to find a proper meal you can bring into class, Panera is the place to go. While it's a little main stream, you definitely shouldn't turn your nose up at it! Considering they've got tons of options that are perfect for warming you up in the colder weather and their take away service is super fast.


Sushi House

Where: 209 Dundas St W

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Who doesn't love sushi? If you are a sushi lover looking to get your fix in between classes look no further than Sushi House! They've got super cheap lunch deals that will definitely fill you up!



Where: 323 Yonge St

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Chipotle is another great option considering that it's barely off campus. Not to mention they are super popular considering how great their food is. You can grab a massive burrito or salad bowl and make it to class in no time!


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Five Guys

Where: 329 Yonge St

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Five Guys is a staple for every burger lover for good reason. It's about the closest you'll get to a true American fast food experience in Canada considering the monstrous portions and heart-attack inducing menu options. It's definitely not the healthiest thing to grab but it sure is the most delicious.


Salad King

Where: 304 Yonge St

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Salad King has it all from signature Thai dishes as well as tons of vegetarian options if you don't eat meat. Plus considering you get 20% off with your Ryerson student card, it makes for a great cheap eat as well!


GB Hand Pulled Noodles

Where: 66 Edward St

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This new location behind the SLC is perfect for students looking for grab a hot bowl of noodles in between their chilly walks to class. Though be mindful that the place fill up quick, so get there early!


Patties Express

Where: 4 Elm St

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Beef patties are the best, and Patties Express serves up some of the tastiest in the city! Not only are their patties great but you can't deny how perfect their sign is for an Instagram pic.


Banh Mi Boys

Where: 399 Yonge St

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Banh Mi Boys is crazy popular amongst students for good reason. Not only is their menu full of super cheap eats, but their banh mi, taco and steam bao buns are so delicious!


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Kenzo Ramen

Where: 522 Yonge St

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What better way to warm up after trekking from class to class in this chilly weather than with a steaming bowl of ramen? It's no secret that students love their ramen, but you could definitely benefit from stepping up your ramen game from the packets at the grocery store to this stuff!


The Burgernator

Where: 269 Augusta Ave

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The Burgernator is the place to go if you are looking for anything related to burgers or anything fried. From onion rings to deep fried chicken burgers and stacked beef burgers, this spot is guaranteed to be your go to cheat meal spot!


Urban Eatery

Where: 220 Yonge St

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Eaton Centre might be a pain but their food court isn't something to turn your nose up at! They've got tons of great options like a killer salad bar where prices aren't terribly high. Just make sure to avoid blowing serious cash at all the stores you have to pass to get down there!


Tacos 101

Where: 101 Dundas St E

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If you love a good taco, Tacos 101 is the place to go. They are super close to campus and serve up your favourite kinds of tacos in a super cute small shop!


Seven Lives Tacos

Where: 69 Kensington Ave

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Seven Lives is another great place for tacos (you can never have enough suggestions for tacos okay?!) Not only do they serve up great tacos, but they do not cheap out on the condiments, seriously, half of struggle of these tacos is trying to eat it without everything falling out. So if you are looking for great tacos that get you more bang for your buck, this is definitely the place to visit!


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Ram In The Rye

Where: 63 Gould St.

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What better place to hang out with your friends and grab a bite to eat on campus than at Ryerson's own pub?! They've got a great menu of classic favourites as well as a super inviting ambiance and crowd!



Where: 33 Yonge St

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Fran's is a Toronto student staple. Whether you are getting breakfast, lunch or dinner, they have got diner food down to a tee. It's a great place to go for food in the name of any occasion, but their food tastes especially good after you finally escape a 3 hour lecture.


The Senator

Where: 249 Victoria St

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If you have got diner food on the brain but want to add more to your bucket list, check out The Senator! They are located right by Fran's so they are relatively close to campus, plus they've got a great menu that is sure to impress!



Where: 401 Bay St

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Bannock is a great place to check out if you are looking for some comfort food in a super cool spot. The interior has a ton of exposed wood while their eclectic menu is full of options from pizzas, sandwiches and burgers to noodle bowls!


Elephant and Castle

Where: 378 Yonge St

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If you are grabbing food and drinks with a huge group of friends who have varying tastes in food, Elephant and Castle is the perfect place to go to! They have tons of different options and all of them are equally as delicious. Plus their drinks menu makes for the perfect place to wind down after a long day of lectures.