The 401 is the bane of every Toronto driver's existence. It's actually the busiest highway in North America, and that's not necessarily something to be proud about. There are a lot of things to despise about the 401 - never-ending traffic jams, relentless construction, narrow lanes...

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But Toronto wouldn't be Toronto without it. Here are 15 of the most annoying things that happen on the 401:

When someone thinks having their signal on means they have the right of way.

How do you have a license?

When someone doesn't signal at all.

You're so cool.

When someone actively chooses to drive in the left most lane at 100 km/h or less.

Believe it or not, you're actually being just as dangerous as someone who's speeding.

When you choose to take the Eastbound Collectors right before Leslie because it seems to be moving faster than Express, but once you round the corner it's actually jammed.

Every. Time. Always switch to Express right before Leslie to avoid that damn traffic!

When you switch to Express because the highway message boards tell you it's "moving well beyond the next transfer", but once you're there it's actually not moving at all.

LIES, all lies!!!

When you get hit by a small rock launched by an aggressively moving truck and it ends up cracking your windshield.

Ohhh... mah gah.

When the traffic by Yorkdale isn't budging at all.

Or it is budging but at this ugly stop-and-go pace, which is even worse.

When construction pylons are terribly placed.

And the whole time your car's like *SKKKRRRTTT*

When someone is purposely driving at your speed in another lane to prevent you from changing lanes or exiting.

Wanna die??

When you share a lane with a motorcyclist that thinks he or she is invincible.

Sigh... May God be with you.

When you're being tailgaited by someone even though you're already going 120/130 km/h.

You best hope I don't suddenly slam the brakes on this 2001 Corolla!!!

When you're stuck in the Weston stretch for what seems like forever.

Apparently it's the busiest stretch of highway in North America. Kill me.

When you get sandwiched by the gazillion trucks near Oshawa in the east or Mississauga in the west.

Hooooly MOOOVE!!!

When you switch to the seemingly faster lane but as soon as you do the lane you just left zooms on past you.


When trucks think they own the highway.

... K doe...

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